CHALLENGE; Compeletion of QUR'AN [Challenge Ended]

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Are you ready to take on this challenge? Let’s embark on a journey to complete the Qur’an.

If you’re up for it, type your name and share your advice based on your experience with the Qur’an along with your favorite verse.

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Three Objectives to Reading the Quran:

  1. Reading to learn/memorize: Reduce the amount, increase repetition.
  2. Reading to reflect: Recite deliberately, pause frequently for pondering.
  3. Reading copiously: Obtain maximum reward; brisk recitation is acceptable.

Let’s go on with this journey!


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@iNeverGiveup420 is added.

Jazakallahu khairan brother

Y’all wanna join?

May Allah bless ya’all

@Imaginator @Forerunner @MegatronX @betterversionofmyself @madara00 @Binocular @Nadeem @kazim.09 @VAGABOND


Something’s up with the table i’ve created it’s not showing properly

I might not be familiar with it,as i am new here😅

what should i do


I am in completing the Qur’an with meaning. ,:sweat_smile:

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When I was a noob on this forum I also tried to make a leaderboard but only those who have regular badge like @Binocular @debellator and others only this guys can make . :+1:

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Salamun alaykum akhi. Unfortunately I cannot yet read Arabic, so I cannot read or recite with you. I only read translations of the meaning of the Qur’an.

that’s even better akhi may Allah bless you

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walykumassalam brother,May Allah grant you the ability to read and reflect from this beautiful book.

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I knew something was up with that

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Can u recommend any commentary on quran written by any sufi?

I don’t know about the “sufi” thing.

But yeah certainly i would recommend you some tafseers of Qur’an,

Tafsir as sa’di
Tafsir Ibn kathir
Tafsir Tabari

These are one of the most widely accepted and recommended tafsirs by the Great scholars of islam.

Straightforward and easy to understand.

Completed the first juz,Alhamdulillah


Welcome brother may Allah (swt) bless you

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Ok count me in
There’s nothing better than spending time in getting good deeds by reading Qur’an

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Gotchu brother.
May Allah bless you.

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So we’ve got
@Ryangosling (me)

In sha Allah


I’m a bit slow in Quran so it’ll be a quarter juzz for me daily. :sweat_smile:
My routine is really busy. So I’m trying to keep a goal that i can do consistently. However I’ll check in daily and post my progress everyday InshaALLAH.


:people_hugging:Brother do your best,Its not that you have to complete it on the due date. I too am with a busy schedule i have exam in a month.
I have created this to see how much we can go upto.

Even if we did more than half of the Qur’an it is still a blessing that we people can do even better so we’ll keep pushing ourselves.

May Allah bless you for even trying.


Best app to start daily habit of reading Quran with translation. It has a streak function, it’s awesome.

Set daily target eg 3 ayat or 10 ayat.

Awesome design.

If you can’t buy subscription, there is in app option to get it for free .


Sure i am going to try this,looks amazing