Challenge a companion

@srubio @weir :man_facepalming:t2:
I’ve been knocked out too soon.
On a positive note; if I can remind myself every day “today I don’t fall” - I’m positive I can step by step leave that world behind me


@Aoshigreen Dont worry bro, God is with you and he will never leave you alone. Dont give up, and start a New journey :shield::crossed_swords::shield:


In this No fap journey… We shouldn’t feel satisfied/Happy untill we reach Minimum 1000 days…


Hey @weir, is the scoreboard updated? I want to challenge someone else, but I lost twice, so don’t know if I’m disqualified. Lmk

Ok I beat 2 days before @MJ2019


but challenge was for 10 days only so both are winner
(1 March 2019 to 10 March 2019)


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@srubio beat @Aoshigreen


challenge was for 35 days but match ended on only in 6 days

congrats @srubio

@Aoshigreen listen gabe dawg my mate he is great speaker


No You didnt , After 3 lost you will disqualified & You didnt lose with me because challenge was only about 10 days & you relasped after 10 days, So match tied

Scorecard is now updated


@Natalia Congratulations! Our 30 days challenge ends today…And we both emerged victorious :smile: :metal:
Keep going like this. Good luck for your future journey :+1:


Wooooh! I didn’t even realise! :smile: this is great! :slight_smile: Congratulations to you too! High five!


Add me brothers…
On day 26 right now
Previous best is 71 days
Code: ls2nc2
This time it’s different

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I challenge @Zaq73! Zaq, do you accept the challenge?


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I do…
ls2nc2 my code

Awesome, thanks, @Zaq73! I’ll put us on the scoreboard. My code is vmv95f.


Oh also, @weir, me and @Zaq73 are challenging each other. I already updated the scoreboard.


@M will take on @Zaq73 for 10 days from 25 March 2019 to 05th April 2019

lets see who will be winner

On side note anyone here wants to challenge me???

U have not updated the scoreboard… Its showing finished challanges also… Plz look into it.

yeah i saw that none of the challenger nor champions confirmed who win or relapse
i will move them into NO Contest Zone

@romanmuni8 We both will get 3 points each. Just 2 weeks remaining…

That was my plan brother, I had to reset the counter last weekend. You were a great companion and inspiration on this journey. Lesson learned– the key to success in no fap is self control in every aspect of life. If we continue to indulge in things that breed clinging attachment, relapse will be inevitable. My greatest enemy on this journey was Internet, particularly YouTube, so I am redefining relapse for my self. To prevent falling into a browsing zombie mode, before doing any web search not related to work or studying, I will write down website and time I am planning to spend there.
Challenge a companion - once a week. Meditate daily. Failing doing so is a relapse. I wish everyone to succeed in this Journey.