Challenge a companion


@srubio @weir :man_facepalming:t2:
I’ve been knocked out too soon.
On a positive note; if I can remind myself every day “today I don’t fall” - I’m positive I can step by step leave that world behind me


@Aoshigreen Dont worry bro, God is with you and he will never leave you alone. Dont give up, and start a New journey :shield::crossed_swords::shield:


In this No fap journey… We shouldn’t feel satisfied/Happy untill we reach Minimum 1000 days…


Hey @weir, is the scoreboard updated? I want to challenge someone else, but I lost twice, so don’t know if I’m disqualified. Lmk


Ok I beat 2 days before @MJ2019


but challenge was for 10 days only so both are winner
(1 March 2019 to 10 March 2019)



@srubio beat @Aoshigreen


challenge was for 35 days but match ended on only in 6 days

congrats @srubio

@Aoshigreen listen gabe dawg my mate he is great speaker


No You didnt , After 3 lost you will disqualified & You didnt lose with me because challenge was only about 10 days & you relasped after 10 days, So match tied

Scorecard is now updated


@Natalia Congratulations! Our 30 days challenge ends today…And we both emerged victorious :smile: :metal:
Keep going like this. Good luck for your future journey :+1:


Wooooh! I didn’t even realise! :smile: this is great! :slight_smile: Congratulations to you too! High five!


Add me brothers…
On day 26 right now
Previous best is 71 days
Code: ls2nc2
This time it’s different


I challenge @Zaq73! Zaq, do you accept the challenge?



I do…
ls2nc2 my code


Awesome, thanks, @Zaq73! I’ll put us on the scoreboard. My code is vmv95f.



Oh also, @weir, me and @Zaq73 are challenging each other. I already updated the scoreboard.



@M will take on @Zaq73 for 10 days from 25 March 2019 to 05th April 2019

lets see who will be winner


On side note anyone here wants to challenge me???


U have not updated the scoreboard… Its showing finished challanges also… Plz look into it.


yeah i saw that none of the challenger nor champions confirmed who win or relapse
i will move them into NO Contest Zone


@romanmuni8 We both will get 3 points each. Just 2 weeks remaining…