Challenge a companion


What happened mate? I was not expecting this at the last phase of our challenge. You fought a good fight.
Get back on a new streak and work on the reasons of your relapse in this streak.
:muscle::muscle::muscle: Stay strong


@aapoorv75 make the necessary changes.
Any new challengers?


The last time I was on 100+ streak because I had a vision of my better self…now I just can’t seem to get it back


I would like to start small …build brick by brick. Any short 10-11 day challenges ?


Hey bhai I challenge you for 10 days. My sharing code is 2b3e8f7


@weir @aapoorv75 I accept Weir’s challenge! Are we going for 10 days? That’s probably all I can handle bc I haven’t made it past 7 days in a row yet.

Also, I wanted to say I’m sorry to @aapoorv75 for my outburst yesterday about shaming. I still stand by what I said that this app is way too focused on shaming others and ourselves as a tactic for “motivation.” But the way in which I expressed that was ALSO shaming, and I regret that. Thank you @aapoorv75 for running this thread. It has been helpful. I am just requesting more supportive responses when someone doesn’t reach a goal bc shaming is hurtful a d can also lead to addictive behaviors bc we feel bad about ourselves. Let’s lift each other up, not tear each other down. Thank you.


Also, @aapoorv75, I don’t see @swesy in “Victories” or “Points” on scoreboard.


@MJ2019 No points are given out until the challenge has gone past 7 days. (#11 in rules)

I wasn’t aiming for points anyway. I appreciate you sticking out for me though. :grin:


Whenever I feel lost in my personal motivation, I try to go through some of the literature on porn addiction (sometimes just a few passages on random pages). And when they discuss success stories of previous addicts or present some practical tips I try to note them on my phone/screenshots. They act as my ANTIDOTE during low times.


@swesy, oh whoops! Thank you for that correction. If I’d read that rule during our challenge, I might have been more motivated to nofap because I would’ve known you could get a point! Sorry bout that. :v:


@weir @aapoorv75 I put me and weir’s challenge on the scoreboard and started it from yesterday. Cool?


Lests go. 10 days from today.

Code - i1w3hx
HS- 134
CS- 1 day

@aapoorv75 please add our contest.


I want to report something. I have officially shifted to Soft Mode to Hard Mode, which means that I am not eligible for this competition. So, I would like to respectfully leave from this competition. Please don’t consider this as a relapse as it is not. If it something, it is moving forward in life. I had a great time here, thanks for helping me defeating the porn and masturbation addiction. I am the founder of this group and would like to appoint someone else for running this group, so whoever is interested, please step forward.



@Taher you have won the Challenge between us.


What you mean soft mode
do you have a girlfriend now :joy:


Open challenge 10 days.


@aapoorv75, @srubio has relapsed, that means im the winner.


Share your code mate
Mine is = b5m3hr


Yes, I am towards that direction now.


@weir @swesy I challenge you guys for 10 days …lets have this…later We can increase the day count … my current streak 14 days

My sharing code 0hlnku