Challenge a companion


@MrXYZ 4f2fca
This is my sharing code


@BoomerangNebula congrats for the 200 days! I will be up there definitely! Bdw…share some insights


Thank you! People on this forum motivate me through difficult times. I couldn’t reach this milestone on my own.
Things that helped me a lot:

  1. going through literature on addiction
  2. reducing social media use
  3. being in touch with the forum, nofap reddit etc.
  4. identification of my personal visual and emotional triggers
  5. application of cue extinction when triggered
  6. not to use PMO to feel relieved when stressed (it’s ok to be sad/stressed/angry sometimes)


@miguelangel.povedasanchez I challange you!! Let’s compete for 30 days. Is it ok for you?


I accept your challenge! Cya on 30 days.


@aapoorv75, me and @miguelangel.povedasanchez will compete for 30 days. May the best win!!! :crossed_swords:


@mak123 lets have this for 30 days




@swesy and @aapoorv75, I lost! :frowning:
The winner is @swesy


@aapoorv75 I won
@BruceLee Relapsed


Kindly Update

2 consecutive wins

Anyone else wants to challenge me , any one ???



@weir has claimed victory over @BruceLee .
You are on the path of doom my friend, pull yourself together.

It looks like the only thing that you possess of Bruce Lee is his name and picture, not his determination and strength. Prove me wrong


@MJ2019 has relapsed before 7 days into competition.


I lost the bet, relapsed today


I am still looking for challenger, anyone wants to challenge me??


@aapoorv75 WOW! Publicly shaming people doesn’t seem like an effective strategy to helping them nofap! Maybe saying something like “Nice work, you made it to 6 days! Unfortunately, you lost. Better luck next time and keep up the good work. We support you!” Would be more helpful and compassionate than a meme that says, “Not cool.” The way a lot folks on here shame each other and themselves is NOT COOL because shame leads directly to more fapping and feelings of worthlessness. Peace


@weir, I challenge you as long as @aapoorv75 isn’t too pissed off at me for my last response.



I challenge you for 10 days. My sharing code is 2b3e8f7


I lost. @BoomerangNebula wins


Oh got 2 challengers that’s nice but I will chose @MJ2019 because he 1st challenged me

@Viijayy I will accept your challenge next time

@aapoorv75 make it official mate :slight_smile: