Challenge a companion


@ReNeGaDE has lost the battle against @Invincible_Knight making him the winner. Sadly, @ReNeGaDE has been eliminated from this season. You were good @ReNeGaDE ,I want you to stay strong and give your challengers hell when you come back.


@blackbull conquered his urges, but sadly @batish couldn’t.


@ShivHanu finished the challenge along with @Rockstaa.:tada::tada::tada:

Congratulations guys, keep going keep winning.


@ShivHanu is engaged in another challenge without further ado, this time with @Viijayy for 10 days starting from 7 Feb 2019 to 17 Feb 2019.


Ok, so that were too many changes in one go😅
Please check the scoreboard, if any discrepancies, please let me know.


It was so much fun competing with u bro. And I hope we both nvr dwell from this path. Congratulations. :hugs:


Brother I’ve already been challenged by @ankush2 for 81 days challenge. Best of luck. @aapoorv75 bhai please update it on the scoreboard. Thanks.


@Invincible_Knight do u want to compete wd me.
For 10 to 30 dys as u wish
If yes.
Batish 5499ee0.


Challenge accepted @batish
Let’s go for 30 days…
Code: xcorcn
Let’s both of us be winners👍


@aapoorv75 bhai i got the new competatr. Plz start our competition from today for 30 dys.


@batish will engage in a challenge with @Invincible_Knight for 30 days from 8 Feb 2019 to 10 March 2019


@Rockstaa and @ankush2 are you both ready?
(Both of you like this post so that is can make the changes)


Brother we both have liked the post please update it on the score board.


I would like to participate in this challenge…
I am from India…
20 yrs
Current streak :16 days
Sharing code :4f2fca…
How to challenge in this competition…


@Rockstaa @aapoorv75
Do we have to update leaderboard ourselves?


@aapoorv75 hasn’t come online since yesterday. I think we should do it ourself. Let me try. :metal:


I am engaging in another challenge with @ankush2 for 81 days starting 8th Feb till 30th April 2019. Let us both be victorious. I’ve updated the scoreboard. :v:


@mohammadsohail663 I challange you! My Code is 1b5335 Username: Eddy 21. Current streak: 14 days. It seems good if we compete for 15 days?


:smiley: I have been following you since 16 or 17 days…
Let’s compete for 20 days…
Are you ready for challenge???
Today date is feb 9


Yes you are right :grin: I was already following you too. Let’s do it. @aapoorv75 we have a challange!! @mohammadsohail663 and me will compete for 20 days :crossed_swords: