Challenge a companion


Don’t worry brother, we all have same enemy, we will win this time. Let’s do it again :slight_smile:


I’m also in the danger zone, I challenge you for 10 days @einar
My code: yxi66t


@aapoorv75 I already posted that I had lost on the 3rd of February against Forerunner, and you still did not announce it here.
I know I am in the danger zone and I can have one more challenge.


I’d love to challenge you again, lest do it after my challenge with martial_beast is concluded


10 days it is :grin: lets both emerge as winners this time
@aapoorv75 we have a challenge, 10 days, me against @Martial_Beast


Well the scoreboard has already been updated. Sorry that I didn’t announced as I might have been busy.


@einar and @Martial_Beast will fight this addiction one more time for 10 days from 5 Feb 2019 to 15 Feb 2019.
Will this be the last time for someone or both of them will see the light one more time, let’s find out.
When the urges come, don’t bow.


@Forerunner I challenge you! We both had long streaks, and we both fell almost at same time, so I think it would be a great challenge if you want. My username is Eddy21.


My challange with @Rockstaa for 10 days is about to end sometimes today. Hope we both will win it.

So without wasting time… I want someone for a further challange of 10 days.
Is there someone who is willing to accept a 10 days challange with me starting today.


I challenge you @ShivHanu


Hey as we talked earlier, your current challenge would be ending today, so do you want to go for 81days challenge (starting 8th Feb) as first season ends on 30th April.
81days challenge
Location- Delhi


Sure brother.
Sharing code is 85626d


The challenge [email protected] and @Rockstaa will end by the end of this day. Please just remind me, I will make the necessary changes.


@viijayy… Lets get engaged in the challange for 10 days starting today. My sharing code is aaikaq. Plz provide urs also.
@aapoorv75 plz update and announce this challange when u conclude the previous one.


My sharing code is 2b3e8f7


@ReNeGaDE has lost the battle

@aapoorv75 kindly take care of the scoreboard



I lost it bro
It was fun against you @Invincible_Knight


Challange conclude कर दो… और 2 नए challange जो decide हुए हैं वो अपडेट कर दो.


@Rockstaa… Well done bro… I think its just the second challange on this thread in which both the persons are winner.
We both rocked :metal:


Sry bro. I lost to @blackbull