Challenge a companion- New Season (till 28th Feb 2021)

Good Evolved… Good to see u improve so well… Keep fighting brother

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Check in :ballot_box_with_check:
Day 1/365
Humble beginnings - the 2nd coming

@Prox Day 1 check In not backing off this time :triumph::triumph:

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Sorry I lost today
This thing sicks man

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Count me in
My sharing code - 0ybsoy

Day 13/42 booommmmm
Lol i think i will be able to make it to 3 weeks this time

You won the challenge bro @_KarmaYogi .
But I will be back. Started reading the book Power over pornography. This book gives me a lot of hope.

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U relapsed bro??


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Yes bro. This shit is killing me. What kind of addiction is this? Heroine or morphine would have been much better than this. Those are some external substances; we cannot take that shit inside home. But this addiction bro; this is some kind of fucking shit. I want to cut of my dick.
Whatever, giving up is not an option. I will stand up and I fight. I have had multiple 100+ streaks bro. More than 4 months I even followed Brahmacharya; still Iam going back to it. Ed coming back; watching hard core shit; more guilt, more pain. What is this thing bro?
Who created this? Why did they do this?
But this victim mentality won’t help in any way. If we really want to we can achieve anything in this world. The other day we saw Jeff besoz and all going to space; we are seeing Nikola Tesla flying his space jet into Saturn to achieve his dream of creating civilization there. His recent experiment was almost successful; he will soon achieve it. If all these things are possible, why the heck can’t we conquer this bullishit!!
We can!
We are together in this


Its the hardest addiction to conquer…
It is not easy… Only because of its wide availability… Its deep roots in our minds… N in others around us…
The mentality of satan is all around us like air…

Keep fighting brother… It is hard for us to quit this entirely despite seeing n number long streaks, because of our bloom of youth…but until then keep fighting…

The only help for us is to keep hating bad and loving good…

Once we cross this phase we will have no “strong” urges… We can defeat urges with ease… but until this phase passes what should we do???

Keep fighting… Keep guarding our mindset… Ensure it doesn’t get rotten with porn… Thats our only defence… Because one day when our strong harmonal phase passes… We need to have pure mind to enjoy the best of our lives… N while preparing for it, we will enjoy our youth “now”

That very hope of me getting free is what keeps me pushing forward…i might fall seven times but one day ill get up once and for all…until then ill keep marching forward…u are same too … aren’t u?

U r the best @Tagore dont get too upset… No need to cut urself… Have patience…stay calm …

Ur experience is admired here in forum… Ppl look up to u… Me too… Protect ur calm and keep fighting… We r always here to ensure our leaning tower of pisa never falls!! Yes we r always here to help u just like u r always there for us…

Together we r strong!!!


Thanks for these powerful warrior brother @ysub . Yes, this time we will make it. Patience, real commitment and focused hardwork is needed to win this battle of life. Our goal is to transform lust into love- love for our passion in life, our purpose in life, love for the valuable relationships in our life, love for ourselves. Lust can never be conquered or destroyed but it can be transmutted. As that scientific explanation goes: “energy can neither be created nor be destroyed”. It can only be transformed.
Our success will begin the moment that transformation begins

You are also a strong man bro @ysub . A sincere and a real fighter. You attitude and positive energy is contagious. Thanks for being here as well. When we hold hands, what in this world is unconquerable??


Day 14/42
@zeochs we have successfully completed 1/3rd of our challenge!!!

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anyone free for a challenge?

Yeah, how long are we going??

Oh shit … That’s terrible bro

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…How about 30 days…?

Day 15/42
That is… 35.71% completed of our challenge!!!

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Yep noice hope this pushes me through two weeks then I can gain more control :wink::wink:

plz announce the mAtch

As today’s almost over, the challenge starts between us on
SUNDAY 25th July
continues for the next 30 Days
let’s give our best :wink::wink:
btw for knowing how the day went for eachother how about we also mention the difficulty of urges faced on that day, along with the check In in the end of the day ?? :thinking::thinking:

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