Challenge a Companion 2 🤺

Sharing code - 15mvoc

Current streak - 0 days
Highest streak - 29 days
Age - 18
Gender - M
Location - IN

Why I want to create a group: To help myself and other people in the forum.


All rules are same as before in ‘Challenge a Companion’( By @aapoorv75)

Rules of the challenge

  1. You have to call out any one member whome you want to challenge by using @ symbol.
  2. The challenger can only call another whose streak is greater than him/her.
  3. The challengee, can either accept or reject the Challenge. But the process should happen within 1 week. If not, it will be considered that challenge is unaccepted.
  4. Any Challenger or challengee can engage with only one at a time. No multiple Challenges at the same time.
  5. The minimum challenge streak is 10 days. Maximum challenge is 90 days. The challenger decides the no. Of day he/she want to challenge. The challengee can either accept or ask for a different no. Of days within the above given limits and can negotiate between themselves. If they don’t come to a conclusion, ping me, I will make a decision.
  6. No backing out. Once accepted, you are in the challenge and a single relapse means K.O.
  7. Every victory consist of some points. If anyone looses a challenge, he/she will have -1 point. If someone wins a challenge after passing 30 days in that challenge, they will gain 2 points. If someone wins after passing 50 days, they will gain 3 points. Following table shows the point distribution:-
    Less than 30 days victory = 1 point.
    More than 30 less than 50 victory= 2 points
    More than 50 less than 90 victory = 3 points

You can gain good points by challenging other companions or compensate your negative points by winning some.

  1. You cannot challenge the same challengee consecutively. At least a gap of 2 challenges with other companions.
  2. Elimination policy:- You can atmax loose 2 challenges. After 3 looses, you are out of the current season. There will be a scoreboard where your name will be put according to the points gained.
  3. If your challenger/challengee relapse, it’s your duty to call them out. Tag me too, i will make the score changes.

At the end of the season, the one with the highest points will be declared as the winner of season.



SEASON 1 (7 March to 7 June 2020)

:crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords: Ongoing Matchs :crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords::crossed_swords:

  • Ashu321 Vs Cubenix (11th March to 9th June)

  • Transporter Vs selfconqurer (10th April to 15th May )

  • saksham3 Vs Livectin (21st April to 2nd May)

  • Mazerunner Vs Martial_Beast (22nd April to 22nd May)

  • orelpa Vs Deadpoolgupta (22nd April to 1st June)

  • zackyboey Vs TheDominator (22nd April to 2nd May)

  • Tagore Vs Brahmachari_17 ( 24th April to 9th May)

  • Mark4600 Vs Atreju (24th April to 4th May)

:facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:Concluded Matches :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:

:facepunch: Martial_Beast❌ Vs Kaito_Kid1412:white_check_mark: ( 10th March to 9th April)
:facepunch: NEW_CHALLENGER❌ Vs selfconqurer✅
( 10th March to 30th March)
:facepunch: WalkWithoutFear✅ Vs aapoorv75:x: (10th March to 25th March)
:facepunch: Alegend:white_check_mark: Vs Sikandar2907:x: (8 March to 7 April)
:facepunch: Adioz:x: Vs rockisrock:white_check_mark: ( 9 March to to 29 March)
:facepunch: neo_150❌ Vs Livectin:white_check_mark: ( 10th March to 9th April)
:facepunch: Forerunner✅ Vs Kaito Kid❌ (13th March to 11th June)
:facepunch: Martial_Beast❌ Vs Karan050✅ (13th March to 28th March)
:no_entry_sign: neo_150 Vs Adioz (15 march to 30march)
:facepunch: aapoorv75❌ Vs Mazerunner✅ (15th March to 31st March)
:facepunch: Livectin✅ Vs selfconqurer❌ ( 15th March to 25th March)
:facepunch: Brahmachari_17 :white_check_mark: Vs sikandar2907​:x: (15 March to 14 April)
:handshake: Martial_Beast✅ Vs Alegend✅ (17 March to 1 April)
:facepunch: neo_150✅ Vs selfconqurer:x: (28th March to 7th April )
:facepunch: Sans✅ Vs saksham3❌ (5th April to 26th May)
:facepunch: Alegend❌ Vs Sans✅ (7th April to 22nd April)
:facepunch: Adioz✅ Vs neo_150❌ (10th April to 20th April)
:facepunch: saksham3✅ Vs ck6aeu❌ (12th April to 12th May )
:facepunch: Alegend✅ Vs Livectin❌ (13th April to 23rd April)
:facepunch: saksham3✅ Vs Sans❌ (14th April to 5th May)
:facepunch: NOPE❌ Vs Mark4600✅ (17th April to 7th May)
:handshake: Mazerunner✅ Vs Karan050✅ (20th March to 19th April)
:handshake: Martial_Beast✅ Vs orelpa✅ (5th April to 20th April)
:handshake: Brahmachari_17✅ Vs KrishnaShiva✅ (23rd Match to 22nd April)

:clipboard::clipboard::clipboard: Point Scored :clipboard::clipboard::clipboard:

  1. Kaito_Kid1412 = 0
  2. WalkWithoutFear = 1
  3. Martial_Beast = 0
  4. aapoov75 = (-2)
  5. Alegend = 2
  6. Sikandar2907 = (-2)
  7. Adioz = (-1)
  8. rockisrock = 1
  9. neo_150 = 0
  10. Livectin = 1
  11. Forerunner = 1
  12. Karan050 = 2
  13. Mazerunner = 2
  14. selfconqurer = (-1)
  15. NEW_CHALLENGER = (-1)
  16. Brahmachari_17 = 2
  17. Sans = 1
  18. saksham3 = 1
  19. ck6aeu = (-1)
  20. NOPE = (-1)
  21. Mark4600 = 1
  22. orelpa = 1
  23. KrishnaShiva = 1

‘Challenge a Companion’ is back brothers :person_fencing:!!!


I want to challenge @HappySoul for 30 days…


I accept the challenge @sikandar2907
Thanks for inviting in the group!


Match No 1.

@HappySoul Vs @sikandar2907

(8 March to 7 April)

Bro, my sharing code is 15mvoc.


I invite you all brothers…

@Martial_Beast @Adioz @EmeraldArcher @selfconqurer @17ripu.jhala @ERNOL @Backincontrol @yglfabio @_KarmaYogi
@Kaito_Kid1412 & others…

This time i don’t let the group to be inactive.


I invite you all brothers…

@Forerunner @rowdy_nik @Karan050 @stealthyninja349 @BARad @ShyOne @saksham3 @orelpa @Superme @richard21& others…

This time i don’t let the group to be inactive.


I want to challenge @NEW_CHALLENGER for 20 days


@sikandar2907 thank you for the invite. I am in too many challenges these days. Once i am free i can participate. I am keeping this bookmarked


@sikandar2907 I challenge you

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Ok. Chalane Accepted


I challenge @Martial_Beast for 90 days.
Challenge begins as soon as he accepts it. And ends after 90 days of beginning.


@ilovepizza Bro he(sikandar2907) already in challenge with Alegend … You can challenge any other Companion & kindly mention for how many days you’re Challanging another Companion…


Match No. 2 :mega::mega:


@Adioz Vs @rockisrock

( 9 March to 29 March)


Done., I am ready brother…


Is anyone up for a 15 day Challenge?


I challenge you for 15 days. :facepunch::facepunch::muscle: @aapoorv75


Btw @WalkWithoutFear whom you’re Challanging kindly mention the name… So there will be no confusion
Once it is accepted you can start the competition, kindly share your sharing code too…

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My code… 2wrhba
My next target is… ATLEAST 30 days of nofap…
Is anyone there to take challange for next 30 days… mention my name and send request.