Centering the mind to focus

On day 47, going through a phase of urges. However my problem is I seem hyperactive but can’t really be productive in studies. I have energy but can’t focus. Tried meditating but discontinued in a couple of days. I really want to use the extra energy I have gotten productively. Otherwise the urges might defeat me.

P.S. I exercise at home since going to the gym is not possible for now.


New Habits take time to build. I am talking about studies. If you are not studying on a daily basis, you might find it hard to focus first time.

Slowly & steadily built habit of studying.

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Am working on that takes time

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No, I studied regularly infact. Now I am wasting time rather.

Did not understand what you meant

Nofap is not enough bro. If we want something, we have to grind for it.

Hard work; blood & sweat
Pain & suffering
Then comes glory.
So toil … dont wait for superpowers to guide you.


Perhaps more physical exercise would help? Maybe running outdoors with proper running shoes of course and home workouts