CelibateWarrior's 100 day rewire journal

Day 4

Today I went to the library to read and chill, then I went to the another different park I went to prior. It had a nice lake that I like and it’s calm and relaxing. Then I went home and did a couple of errands for my family.

As you can see, my mornings usually start off going to the park to work out or to the library to sketch or read. I need to do something different, like maybe going to the beach or something but it’s like an hour and 30 minute drive to where I’m at and that would make my family paranoid because of this whole covid19 situation.

Tomorrow I plan on waking up earlier so I can have more time to read and pray The Bible. It’s good to be spiritually ready because I believe we are at the end times and you never know when your time is up, This is another topic of discussion.



Day 5

Today, I went to one of my usual coffee shops that I like to go to and started reading my novel. I ordered a hot chocolate and read a few pages. Then after a half hour or so, some more people started to come and they became quite a distraction so I left. Then I went to an art store name Michael’s, it’s a known art store here in America. I got some Watercolors which cost me about 6 bucks. I’m not really an experience painter so I figured that it’s a good way to get started.

Then I went home, chilled for a bit. Took a cold shower, ate lunch, then chilled for a bit, then I read more of my novel -1984. Anyone here had to read that for high school? Just wondering. So far, it’s pretty interesting.

Looking forward to working out tomorrow, then going to the library to read more of my book.



Day 6

Today I went to the Library to continue reading my novel - 1984, then after I did some reading I went to my coffee shop that I frequent and had a London Fog. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a sweet milk drink beverage. I usually order Hot chocolate, london fog or on rare occasions- Tea. I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I like my afternoon naps and coffee tends to ruin that.

I’m not going out tomorrow because my brother is using my car because his car is at the shop because it’s getting repaired. So tomorrow I’m probably going to hit the treadmill at my garage early in the morning to work out, lift weights with dumbbells and afterwards go read the scriptures and read the Bible, then take a cold shower.

I’ve been having some depressive episodes today. Depressive episodes as in I’m worried about the future and having some anxiety issues over it. I’m a bit of a truther or you might call me a ’ conspiracy theorist’, I’m just worried about what’s going to happen the next couple of months with this coronavirus situation. But that’s another topic for later discussion. Depressive episodes and anxiety is normal when it comes to early stages of nofap, but I have mental issues ( which is another topic for further discussion.) so that might be a part of it. I hope to have a good night sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow.

Anyways, here’s to a productive morning tomorrow.



Day 7

Today, I went to a guitar shop but it was closed. Then I went to the Library for a bit to chill, then went home ate lunch and took a cold shower. I chilled for a bit, then my brother picked me up to get his car and to return mine. After he returned my car, I went cruising and went to a coffee shop and ordered a London Fog. I should really cut down and stop spending so much on these 4 dollar drinks lol. Oh yeah, I also went to Barnes and Nobles before that and chilled for a bit.

I was tempted to buy a Free Willy DVD while in Barnes and Nobles, it was only $4.39, I believe. Maybe I should have bought that instead of the London Fog lol.

Anyways, it’s been a long day. I’m still feeling somewhat depress but feel a little better. I’ll keep you guys updated.


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Day 9

Well on Day 8, I did the same things I usually did, I went to the Library and read my novel then went home took a cold shower etc.

Today, instead of going by myself, I went with my parents to the park/at the lake. My dad and I took a walk around the park, just one lap around. Then I went to chill at the lake with my mom, then we went to order to go at Taco Bell for lunch. Then I went home took a nap and cold shower. Then just chilled all day, I’m about to eat dinner as we speak- some salmon and rice! yum!

Well anyways guys, I’ll keep you guys updated. So far I’d have a couple of late night night urges but I didn’t give in. So far, so good.



Day 10

Well today, I went did my usual routine, I went to the coffee shop in the morning and ordered a london fog. I later went back home and chilled for a bit. Then went with my parents and had ice cream, then they went to a Catholic church- San Juan, to pray.

That’s about it. A little info and bio about myself - I currently live in South Texas. I live close to the Mexican border with mostly a population of mostly hispanics, a few whites and some Asian population. I’m Filipino, early 30 to mid 30s. You maybe wondering why I have so much free time on my hands. The reason for this is I’m a disabled vet of the United States Air Force and I’m currently not working at the moment,

I live at home with my parents. I stay active by doing chores and errands at the house and by working on my hobbies. I’d say I’ve been attempting No Fap for 2 years. My longest streak as I previously stated was 169 days. It was quite a journey and I hope to break it and surpassed it again. I’m also Christian still learning about my faith.

I’ll talk a little more about myself as time passes. Anyways, I’ll keep you guys updated.



Day 11

Today, I went to the Library to read my novel. Then I went to the park/ lake to chill for a little bit. I saw a couple of kids with their parents fishing, that looked nice and fun. Then I went home, chilled for a bit, helped my dad with the to go plates which we ordered at a sushi/asian restaurant. There was one dude who was about to have a heart attack in the parking lot so we stayed around to help for a bit. That was weird and intense, but always glad to help, my dad helped out. The ambulance took the guy to the hospital.

Then after a while, went home, ate lunch, took a cold shower, took a nap and Bible study. So far so good, hope to make it to 20 days. Tomorrow I plan on waking up at 4 to Bible Study to study the scriptures more in private. I’ll keep you guys updated.



Day 12

Today I went to the Beach- South Padre Island, with my parents. South Padre Island is usually packed with a bunch of tourists this time of the year, even with this covid situation going on. We cruised the place, but the main beach access was closed and we couldn’t find any parking so we had to settle for a lesser scenery.

All and all, it was good to get out of my house and town for just a little bit. I’m back here in my house chilling again. So with this No Fap tip- Get out of your house and stop being alone all the time.


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Day 13

Today, I went and got a hair cut in the morning. Then I went to a different Barnes and Nobles to chill and window shop for a bit. Then I went home and ate lunch. Then I took a cold shower. Then I chilled for a bit and went and got Ice cream

. While I was leaving the Ice cream shop parking lot, there was a man who was in need of help for his pregnant wife and making rent for apartment. I gave him 5 dollars. But I wondered if I could have done more. Maybe give him a 100 dollars instead, after all I did receive some money today. The Bible talks about going the extra mile to help out someone in need, maybe I should have done that. Just a thought for today.

I gotta start working out again because I’m feeling a little pudgy. Right now, I’m going to fast and not eat dinner. Everyone should fast, not for the sake of No Fap but for having a relationship with God or Yahweh.

Anyways, that is all for today. I’ll keep you guys updated.


Day 15

Well on Day 14, I just went to the library then to my coffee shop that I usually frequent to get a drink. Then I just chilled for most of the day.

Today, I went to the park to take a walk, then I went to Barnes and Nobles to window shop and get a drink. Then went home, took a cold shower and ate lunch with my parents at a local restaurant - Cordon’s Chicago. I went home just chilled for a bit, took a nap and now I’m typing this.

Wow it’s Day 15, 15 more days til Day 30. Cheers.


Day 18

Hi guys, the past few days I did my usual routine which are go to the library, parks and coffee shops/bookstores.

Today, I went to the park and had a full body workout. I did push up bar, chin ups, pull ups and dips etc. Then I went home, chilled, ate lunch and took a cold shower. I have no problem taking a cold shower during summer time, but winter time, I suggest you start out with warm water then gradually turn it to cold. That way you don’t get sick.

I hope you guys are doing great this lockdown and with this pandemic situation going on. Keep busy guys and stay safe. I’ll keep you guys updated.



Day 25

Okay guys, the past few days I’ve been sticking to the same routine I’ve always been doing. I need to do something in the afternoon though when it’s hot and I feel unmotivated.

Today, I went to the coffee shop I’ve usually been going to and ordered myself an Abuelita hot chocolate and just chilled there for a bit. Then I went home and got ready for my Mom’s retirement party at our house. It was alright though non of the people whom I’ve invited showed up. Actions speaks louder than words indeed.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to maybe doing some water color painting from the water color set I bought at Michael’s. I’ll keep you guys updated.



Day 31

Whats up guys? The past few days I’ve been sticking to the same routines I’ve always been doing which is go to coffee shops, parks, libraries and do errands for people. Then When I get back home, I take a cold shower, chill and do some online foruming.

To anyone whose been keeping up with posts, do you have any suggestions?

Well anyways, today I went to the library to return a book, then I went to the coffee shop that I usually frequent and ordered a chai tea spice latte. It was good. The coffee shop is where a bunch of college students hang out. The workers there probably already knows me so I should make friends with them or something. Then I went home and ate lunch at a bbq place with my parents and god father uncle Bobby. We picked him up from the airport yesterday, he’s from the province of my family in The Philippines and his first spot to visit in the US was California. We’re going on a road trip to Houston tomorrow to visit my sister and show him around.

Anyways, so far so good. Like I said, any suggestions is welcome. I’ll keep you guys updated. 30 Days down. Let’s make this 60.