CelibateWarrior's 100 day rewire journal

Day 4: 8:26 pm

HI guys, greetings.

Thanks for the add, I’m new to this forum but not No Fap. I’ve been involved with the No Fap forum for quite a few months and have an account over there.

I’ve done 169 days of No Fap but recently relapsed. I started my streak again, I’m on Day 4. I’d like to start a 100 day rewire journal with this forum. I’m confident I can do it again because I’ve learned a lot about this with that long streak. The reason why I relapsed is I got too comfortable and lazy with nothing to do. I should have known better - lying down in bed in the middle of the night is the worse thing you can do if you’re a beginner. Stay busy and sleep when you;re tired.

Today, I woke up and did a work out at the park, Then got home, took a cold shower, then went to a couple of online forums, ate lunch, took a 20 minute nap,did some errands for my family, went out had ice cream, ate dinner and called it a day.

Guys, having a routine is important. The cold shower is definitely important and so is working out daily. I’ll talk about this later, we got lots to talk about. We don’t even have to talk about No Fap, we can talk about other things from politics, entertainment and the weather lol.

So sit back and enjoy the ride. Have a good night.


Day 5 Update:

Wow, just fell asleep earlier but did not update yet because I was tired and had a long day.

I just did errands for my mom and took her the whole day making appointments with the eye doctor. It literally took me the whole day.

In the afternoon though, I took a cold a shower. Remember to be taking your cold showers guys, it’s very important.

I’ll keep you guys updated on Day 6. In the meantime, I suggest you quit or limit what you watch on Social media. If you’re a beginner, that stuff can lead you to a relapse.

Take it easy.

Day 6 update:

Just to let you know what happened on Day 6. I went to the library, chilled, took a cold shower and took my mom to a catholic church.

Make sure to be taking your cold showers guys, this is important and make sure to stay bush when you’re at home. If you can live a lifestyle where you’re constantly not at home, then that’s even better.

Almost one week! Keep doing :slight_smile:

Why cold showers are so important?

Biological perspective : Cold showers are naturally rewiring damaged dopamine receptors. After cold shower you have no urges whatsoever. Why is that? Your brain is flooded with dopamine… But there are many different hormones we call “dopamine”… And let’s just say this is one of the good ones - which rewire and repair your “fried” dopamine receptors from PMO-ing

Well, other perspective, also effective : It makes you a beast after you’re done with it hehe.

For more benefits look it up on youtube, they explain it very good - from improved immune system to the external effects it has on your body.


Day 7 - 8/8/2020 Today.

Today, I went to the library to sketch and did a picture of a dog. It was alright and well received in my social media amateur artist group,

Then I just chilled, looked at my usual online forums and about to start my afternoon routines. Guys, make sure to stay busy and have a set of hobbies/ activities handy that you can do especially during this pandemic where everything is closed.

Examples - reading a book, sketching, writing and playing an instrument, taking a walk outside around your neighborhood. These are all things you can do.

Make sure to keep busy guys and block all your triggers.

I’ll keep you guys updated, I’m about to start my evening routine.

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Taking a cold shower, gives you testosterone and a natural boost.

It also makes you less lethargic and more energetic to go about your daily activities.

It also leaves you more refresh and feeling like a warrior.

Take cold showers brother, take them in the morning or when you’re having urges.

Thank you for this explanations. I just learn it!

I take cold showers, but now I’ll be more enthusiastic to take them :rofl:

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Day 8

Got through my first week of rewiring and reset.

Today I went to the park and worked out. Did some push ups, pull ups, dips etc. Then I chilled for a little bit at home and took a cold shower.

I noticed I can refrain from the act of masturbating, but I’m still having a lot of fantasies. You should never put yourself in this position. That’s why being not being lazy and staying busy should be something you strive for. Do this and start new habits today such as working out and getting up early in the morning to do whatever.

I still have urges, but I know it will subside and be less frequent as time goes by. Take it easy guys, I’ll keep you guys updated.


Day 0

Guys, I relapsed on Day 10!

I was very horny last night and lying down in my bed looking at social media was a bad idea. One thing led to another and I ended up wanking it.

From now on, I’m gonna limit my social media to only the morning. Im back to day 0.

I thought because I’m of my long streak that getting back on track was gonna be easy but now this is a lesson learned.

I now feel weakened because of my relapse and can feel it in my legs. I’ll come back stronger guys!


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Hi @CelibateWarrior21

I am sorry to hear that you relapsed. But please don’t be sad. Just make sure that you don’t relapse further, becoming a victim to the chaser’s effect. Since, you are following a good routine, I’m sure that you will be back to your normal state very soon. All the best! :slight_smile:

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Come on , no wasting time because you relpase , we are looking for your first day again …
But please my advice for you this time , try to meditate about why you did this ?! What is your feeling after doing this ?! What is your expectations about no fap (past-present -futur )
All right , saty strong .
You will do this .


Day 1

This morning, I went to work out at the park, did some push ups at the push up bar, did pull ups, dips etc. I might do a little shadow boxing and kick boxing next time just to put in more cardio. Then I went home to take a cold shower.

I’m going to do more push ups during the night time before bed. I’m going to do a mini workout from now on before bed. Stay vigilant guys, I relapsed and may have lossed the battle, but not the war.


Day 2

Today, I went to the Library to sketch a picture of a street musician with a guitar. Then I went to Office Depot to buy a few colored ink pens. Went home, ate spaghetti, chilled for a little bit. Did a bit of chores around the house. Took my mom to the doctor’s office to get errands done and then got mango smoothies as a treat.

I made an effort today not to look at the usual pictures of girls I look at, at social media and stuff. The way I look at it, looking at the girls that triggers me again is just as equally bad as relapse itself. I’m trying to stay clean and vigilant.


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You are doing good. I do have a query about the way you relapse… Is it with or without porn?

I always suggest people to relapse without porn. Even though the recovery is slow in comparison to complete abstinence but way less harming than PMO. I usually compare it like taking few steps back in the journey of recovery rather than starting from scratch.

Btw, if you don’t mind, would you share your code? I @EvilMorty @Tagore @Brahmachari_17 have your back.


We are all with you man @CelibateWarrior21. We all go through set backs in life. It makes us more humble and gives a lot of valuable insights. I fell down from day 112. I binged. Now Iam starting form 0 but not like last time. This time Iam fully packed and ready to be the champion.
Think. Strategise. We got your back bro.


Day 3

Today, I went to the library and chilled for a bit. Went to the cafe and had hot chocolate,then I went to Barnes and Nobles which is a bookstore here in America to window shop, then went home, took a cold shower. Now I’m on my evening routine of playing the guitar and reading poetry…

So far, so good. I’m gonna keep at it and stay vigilant. I’m also on the process of reading the novel 1984. It’s by George Orwell. Anyone here heard or read it? It’s 300 pages long, I plan on reading it within 3 days before it’s due.

Anyways guys, stay vigilant.



I’ve had a set of long streaks. But that 169 day streak was my longest one. It felt like such a let a down after the act was done.

I’ve been suffering from the chaser effect these past few days. But I’m slowly gaining control of my urges. The thing about going on a long streak and relapsing is your always grateful of the memories and all the things you have learned about No Fap and how you can always get better at this.

Keep evolving.


It was without porn. I relapsed off using social media/ facebook and instagram pics of girls lol.

But I intend to stay celibate and live a clean lifestyle without fapping for as long as I can now. I don’t suggest people fap using their imaginations because that’s like adding fuel to the fire, one thing leads to another and boom! you’re back to watching porn and all that filthy stuff.



Well yeah.
But it all depends upon the level of addiction and self control. Even though I believe in moderation in everything except the sphere of sexuality. In nutshell we all need to be careful and firm with our deeds in this. Plus the things that would work for me cant guarantee that it would work for you.

But staying super clean aka celibate will yield the maximum results. Peace.

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