Caught in the act

Well, after some days when i felt really confident about beat down my addiction for good i just failed hard. Jumped back to it and did it everyday until yesterday when my gf catch me in bathroom. She just told me “i dont care If u jerk off but why do u prefer this before me and jerk off to some bitches” since then we didn’t talk about it. I am glad honestly, cuz i really do not want to talk about it with her… I just want to stop…


I think you need to talk with her, more like open up, be honest and true about it

at least that’s my opinion.


Dido on that. Honesty is the way to go my friend!


Yep, thats my problem also. Is it Very hard to open up to someone face to face. Not just about my addiction about Everything. Honesty is key factor in relationship but i just cant. I need to work on that. And maybe set up some rules for me and try to keep them.

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A difficult situation. But in a positive way, maybe is an oportunity for go one step further un the meaning of love.

She could be hurt, because She could be thinking She is not enought or special. I know that is hard to open our soul, and you could be fear, but She is you gf for one thing. She thinks you are special.

If you decide to talk with her, it wont be easy, but If the true love is in yous words, eyes and actions. Could be the bigining of a new chapter in your relationship.

The love will be always the path.

Good luck bro!!!


Ohhh one think that I forgot. The best way to lose this fight, is keeping it in shadows.


Who said anything about face to face?
You just text her.

nope, better face to face

Text her? Well, i think its not a good idea… Yea, be quiet is the same but its like same lame action as break up with someone by text. And we live together so… If so then by real conversation as humans. But i need to find some courage to do it


U must talk to her
I had a similar experience and she has been helping me from then on
I do relapse sometimes but it is less compare to previously
Im not happy with my current self yet
And ill keep improving too
Talk to her about this
And tell her truth
And tell her u want to stop but u r not able to
Its better to talk bro
All the best

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Dude :sweat_smile: and you are still uncomfortable with opening up to her? Just go ahead and talk, she’ll understand.


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