Catholic and Gay

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Why I want a companion - Looking for a Catholic/Christian. I experience same sex attraction. Looking for someone who knows the struggles.

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I know the struggle, press on!
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The road is long and hard, but you can do it. I will pray to Our Lady for you.

How have been your journey?

Very difficult, the struggles of impure thoughts are really what makes it hard. That and just hearing a song on the radio will give me porn flash backs. That is when it gets really hard. How about you?

Yeah, i know what you feel

What sucks for me is I see a guy and I think about all this stupid stuff, like how big is he, and if he’s circumcised or not. I don’t know why. Then I start sliping into fantasy. I dont really know how to deal with it. Please just pray for me.

Let the Word of God be your guide. Leave it all on him, bring it to him. Trust in him and he will make you who you were born to be. God bless.

I know the struggle too
d8fd68 (35 M)
You can message me if you need someone to talk to

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Thanks you, I really appreciate it.

Thank you for the kind words.

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Getting better, I find a team of male friends to support me and study Bible together. Maybe you can try to find a group of strong faith male friends who can support and confront you often

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