Career Problems

I was supposed to write this in the morning, but im writing this after work. I have anxiety and it shows at my work, I dont go well with personal deadlines cause it makes me sick and fear that i wont be able to complete it. Today was a successful day but i fear if its not gonna stay for long. I wont do this job for long, this isnt my destiny. But because of my financial problems, theres no other option. Quick notes, im 20, is doing graphic design altho illustrating is my expertise, want to become film director or video editor or work with cameras.
i want to go to study film but cause of lack of money and experience, i dont know what to do. either stick with this job (people here are very nice, they help me learn but the problem is me) or go to another job that provides video editing… now i dont have a portfolio or camera to shoot. so yea what the fuck.


Just stay a few months,make some money and save it.Buy a camera then quit the job later.

Start with what you have. Use your phone, write some script, edit videos using other people’s footage, watch free online courses etc.

Stay at your job for your financial sake but do your passion as a hobby. Offer free editing services to other people to build your confidence and portfolio.

I highly recommend this video: I Read 2,216 Resumes. Here’s How You Stand Out 🚀 - YouTube

Good luck brother!


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