Cant stop wtf. At a huge breaking point

Cant seem to stop. I went there days and now cant go even half a day.

You can’t just exist with it. You need to do anything.
Go for a walk, take a cold shower, meditate, call smb, work out… Don’t let urge control you!


I have been existing with it for many many years. I honestly dont understand why I keep doing it. No matter the feeling. Its disgusting.

Tell yourself “This time it’s gonna be different. No matter what I won’t give up. I’m sick of it.” everytime when you hand goes under your pants.

Even saying “This time it’s gonna be different.” helps.

Im practising this strat all the time.

Be strong. Don’t give in. You got this, champ.


I’m not even sure masterbation is a true problem honestly. That’s a normal part of life. It’s over masterbation and viewing of porn that I believe is my demon. Replacing both with my wife is my goal but it’s been a struggle for sure.