Can't stop relapsing

I’ve been trying to get over this addiction for 1,5 years and so far I couldn’t. I just relapsed and can’t stop fucking crying, this month I never made it to 6 days. I can’t do this

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Dont let it get to you. Take your time. Try to socialise. Take a walk. Eat healthy food. After all that sit down and make a moment of truth. Or if you dont have the strength just use some appblocker or web filter. It will force you to leave the culprit that had made choice for you before you realise. Gain that power and once you learnt the value, its okay to engage into this virtual world.


@NoFapGrandmaster we struggle too with reaching our goals. It does get frustrating. If you accept it will take some time to make progress you’ll see that it is possible to get better. Keep trying again, a relapse is not the end.:muscle:


How long you are fapping ?

Facing same problem bro, just remember that you love yout self enouph to overcome this, just occupy yourself by somthing else reading doing sport meditating praying what ever it is, when urges come read your old posts and feel how desperate you were convince your self that it’s not worth it go by to point 0.


Where ever you do it, get away from that place when you feel the urge coming on. If your trying to improve yourself in some way that PMO is holding you back from, go there, you don’t have to engage in the activity you want to improve you just need to get use to getting there.

It can feel like shit, trying to take control and failing. We’ve all been there. Beating addiction is one of the toughest things in the world, majority of people can’t do it. However to beat this 3 things will help you:
You need desire to change, be the master of your life again, to be free. I’m sure you have it. If you didn’t nothing in the world couldn’t make you try for years.
You need strategy. I think this is where I think you’re missing something. I believe you’ve tried hard for years but you need a good strategy to accomplish something so difficult. Stick with it, The power of now, The power of habit (all amazing resources that changed my life, they are on YouTube), anything about addiction, meditation, exercise (Elliott Hulse).
And the third thing you need is community. And you can be damn sure you have it. Because we won’t stop supporting you. You’re one of us. You’re part of our pack and we’ll never bail on you, even when you don’t believe in yourself, we believe in you, I believe in you.
I know you came here to share because deep down you still have hope. What we’re trying to do is easily the hardest thing we’ve done in our lifes, but that’s why we stick together. I know I will succeed because you’ll succeed. We do this one together. What’s your sharing code


Everybody needs time to grow maybe ur time has not come

Take your time. If you relapse be aware that its not the end of your battle, you’re never late for change.
Have you tried blocking all your devices from porn? For your phone I recommend changing your web browser to SPIN or blocking them at certain hours. And also any computers, there are a great number of options. This helps a lot, because when you feel like relapsing you’ll have to go through a lot of effort before getting to any porn site and wanting to FAP.
Taking time off the internet works.

You can do this. Keep yourself busy.

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