Can't Stop Fapping

I keep fapping and I can’t get passed day 8, I am trying so damb hard, what do I do?


Hope this helps someway.
Drink 2 liters of water daily by going for toilet gets rids of urges.
.Put phone or laptop away if u have a car but it in boot or up the attic out of reach.
Get puzzle books or jigsaw app do puzzles when you get urges will go away because the mind is focused on something else.
Clean your room daily good habits help make you more disciplined and busy.
Make a routine or to do list.


What are your goals from quitting pmo? Focus on those goals rather than focusing on just not fapping.


Even I have a PMO issue .But the thing is that dont get urself into peeking into those sites or images. Porn is the main reason for fapping .With watching a porn video comes fapping along with it .Treat PMO more and eventually fapping will get less and the urges will get lesser n lesser .U can use apps to block the urge giving content on the internet and block those porn sites.If the urge is too strong do 20-25 pushups at the spot and divert ur mind .(go out in the social world) to avoid urself geeting into fapping again .If this helps .Give a follow up :purple_heart: