Can't feel the benefits anymore

Hello nofappers,
I am on day 8 of nofap,didn’t had any wet dreams and I can’t feel the benefits of nofap,I still have reduced amount of social anxiety and lack of confidence.
I used to get benefits 3 days after a relapse or wet dream
I would feel brave,courageous like an alpha male but now I can’t feel this anymore
I feel weak and sacred
Please help me as switching between an alpha male and nice guy is affecting my life


Nofap doesn’t guarantee you benefits.
Why do you feel brave and courageous? Probably because you feel good about what you are doing. You are confident and you feel strong since you are doing something few other men are.
That’s one thing. If you wanna feel like an alpha male then it is way more efficient to work on your confidence. If you like yourself you will automatically feel confident. Maybe the act of nofap supports you with that (with a good hormone balance) but the effect is probably way smaller than the effect your mindset has.

I mean, why should you feel brave when you don’t watch porn? Braveness is a mental thing which YOU decide to be or not to be. If you wanna be brave you can be it. There is no need to do nofap just for that

An other thing is that it is very typical to have periods where you feel better than on others. Withdrawal symptoms aren’t the same every day same with flatline. It also depends on your daily habits. If you are more stressed it is probable that you fall back into old habits of thinking and thus also feel worse


I think you might be in transition to be true-yourself. enjoy every seconds of your breath, feel the nature’s music coming trough your mind everymoment. Also you don’t have to be an alpha male to fight your problem now. Just focus on what are your doing and becoming who, then your gifted-charisma will shining more than alpha male is!


Testosterone levels does matter to become an alpha
Maybe my testosterone are going down
BTW I am 17 and nowadays I feel fear for no f**king reason


I guess it depends on what you think you want to be.

I feel like an alpha if I have my opinions and believing and I can support them in front of others. I can lead a group and give orders. If someone speaks out against me, I don’t feel ashamed since I know that I only do my best. I don’t let myself suppress from others (Doesn’t mean that I’m not open for new ideas). I can walk around with my head lifted high and emit confidence.

And for that, I don’t need testosterone. For that I need the knowledge that I do my best to be the best I can. If you feel strong, others will recognize you as a strong leader. (Probably it is easier for someone with high testosterone but it is not needed)

When I think back to the time when I was 17 (I’m 25 now), I was a nothing. I was the one who was bullied all the time, I was the outsider. In the following years I learned what it means to have a personality and I learned to be the person I want to be. And in the last years I was often seen as the leader when any group task / activity was performed. And this was the case before I even started thinking about nofap

I would recommend you to shut down your social media and live a real life. That way you’ll be feeling much more confident without any social anxiety. Guaranteed.

Testosterone is not the main thing you should focus on. More you should focus is mindset. Testosterone can do some amazing things to you indeed I can say this because I felt it and seen it in no PMO. but to change your habits to no fabbing no porn you must have a change of mind a change of habits. And replace it with life goals and real passions like making music etc…or simply read a book.

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Give it some time. You had lived your life being someone you have always been. You came here for a reason. Let that reason guide you forward. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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