Can't control urge and loose my mind

I need help
After seeing a girl in games as well sexual urges arises I unfollow everything but when the urge comes I really can’t think anything I loose my mind and then after relapse I get disappointed I think many things that will not to do this or try this when urge comes but I just can’t control
What should I do so that I don’t get carried by the urge and relapse

Thanks bro , understood I will follow and update you after 15 days


You are turned on by girls in video games ??? brother it’s sad to see… your brain is unable to distinguish between real girl and hottie chick with big ass in video games

These games developers deliberately programmed the girls in those videos games to have big tits,big ass,long lustrous hair with sexy face… They are targeting you at your primal blueprints for sexual intimacy. Never let thy overpower you . One of my friends got so badly addicted to games,he literally felt like he was living in gaming world. You don’t have to work your ass to get good friends,make money and get laid by hot girls.

If you continue playing games,I guarantee you my friend you will be devastated,and in no time you will feel distasteful to real world

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