Can't Control Myself


I can’t control myself today… i feel so angry and can’t think clearly. Its really hard… This endless journey is really hard.

Maybe i will colapse soon… i don’t know again wbat to do…

Day 9

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Try meditating for 10 minutes. You may not feel any difference in the beginning but after you are done you’ll feel better, trust me. The anger you are feeling is just pent up energy, the frustration is just your brain’s attempt to make you masturbate and release that tension.


ok thx… i do meditate since 3 or 4 days ago… but this afternoon i feel like i can’t handle my anger. i still in nofap condition, but i can’t guarantee my self will still strong tonight


Don’t you ever think that you can’t do it, you are awesome, you deserve the best version of you, you can do it!!! Keep it up ノ(・ω・)ノ

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Take a nice cold shower right before you go to bed, it’s what I recommend


Just wait it out. In 30 minutes you will feel different. Exercise, help someone etc. Change your focus.

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Don’t worry. It WILL become easier with time.
just keep trying

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