Can't control my self around people

Hey guys,
I keep getting distracted in public, can’t help my self, checking people, even if i force my self not tk look, I’m still distracted as long as some one is around, and after they’re gone

distracted, i mean attrackted ,

Any questions , on reply on private message


Have you tried Brahmacharya?
Give it a go for a week and talk to me after a week.
Don’t reply, actions before words.

Brahmacharya helped me give that up easily, you can too.

Don’t reply, find more on the internet and try it.
Reply here after a week.


I’m not an expert, but I have experienced a similar struggle, so here’s my best advice for what might help you.

One reason you stare at people like you do, and continue to think about them is likely because you are missing quality social interaction in your life. Addiction feeds isolation, and we are social creatures, so if we can’t get real, quality interaction, we will get addicted to fake interaction (porn, staring at people and fantasizing about them etc.)

This is also true even for animals like rats. Rats that are given cocaine aren’t interested unless they are socially isolated. When they are left alone and lonely for a while, they get addicted right away.

Sorry that this is getting long, but my advice is to fill your life with quality social interaction. Talk to people in person, spend time in person with family and friends.

I think that real interactions with people will help you stop the ‘fake’ interaction of staring and thinking from a distance.

Best of luck on your journey!


Attraction is normal but staring is not good. We want to stare ofcourse and that is okay too, but we have to control ourselves. As it will be awkward for the person we are staring at, and it leaves a bad impression about us to the people that are walking by… Due to no pmo, yes you will be a little more in the mood but thats about it, it doesn’t cause staring, we do it like a habit… You have to inculcate a different habit, that is forcing yourself not to look everytime you are at that situation, you repeat that and the new behavior will be automatic in the near future…

I guess the first question you have to ask yourself is, why do you want to stare? What are you planning to achieve by that? Does anything good happen due to that? Is she going to be your wife or something eventually? No… Will she get a good impression about you? No… Will she say yes if you end up asking her out, I think no because staring would be creepy. All you get is a little enjoyment to your eyes for like a couple of secs, and the moment she leaves, you wont get that enjoyment anymore, probably you wont even remember what you stared yet… So whats the point?

I won’t be happy with all the girls in the world… Being happy with someone requires more than a physical relationship, you guys need to have a connection and that right match is pretty hard to find. All we look after is physical, one of the reasons for a lot of divorces. And trust me, there is a whole lot of stuff we have to endure, if we are with someone that are not right for us. And that’s basically 95% of the women in the world for each of us… So again I ask? What’s the point?


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