Cannot stop slapping the snake for more than 3 days

Hi guys, I 've been fapping since 2012, I’m 20 years old, I’ve gone on longer steaks like 37 days which was my longest, but lately my I can’t seem to cross three days without fapping.
I usually have morning wood you know and sometimes I wake up it and it really turns me on, I have tried exercise, cold water, music, the help button on this app, I’ve even tried talking to my crush at moments of urges(they help the most) but there are some days where I get urges at 5:00 am and then I can’t sleep.
These usually always leads to relapse
Further my exams are coming next week so I have to study which means I can’t always go on walks if I get urges so I have to stay in and figuire out the solutions myself, so any advice?
Let me know quickly
Ps sometimes there are urges in the morning but I resist them and then they disappear but when they comeback again in the afternoon or evening I relapse very quickly​:cry::cry:

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Try apps like keep me out and lock down your phone for small intervals like 15 to 20 minutes , and concentrate on other things and get yourself busy , till the urge goes away .

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What is your thought life like? If you are having dreams or fantasies of sex they might be feeding your urges.

Keep exercising regularly. I tend to relapse on days I don’t exercise. I sometimes get up with morning wood but don’t relapse because of it. Try to change your dreams.

Note this time in your mind. Next time you have a iron rod pumping hard straight to the ceiling… NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO ? THE SNAKE WANTS SOME SLAPS… BITCH…NAHH… :snake::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::fist::-1: **No this snake has no work now… As there is no hole… So keep on lying until the snake make peace with yourself. When it sleeps you stand up and drink a glass of water… brush & do some shit … **
You said you have tried everything… Have you tried talking with yourself. Now try this at morning wood time say to yourself… its the time of urge… whats my plan now… i have to conquer it… i am the owner of this snake… snake cant have his fun without my permission… snake will only dance when there will be women of my dreams in front of me

If you failed again… Try again… You cant make the same mistakes… make this your rule… only donkeys repeat their mistake

Make a separate plan for afternoon relapse & evening Relapse… write the situation leading to relapse… when the situation comes you should be ready for it… To win this battle you have to die a 1000 times but it will take only 1 try to be a successful snake charmer… i mean the nofap Lord or Master of your body

So Keep on Hustling


I thank all of you guys for your use full advice, I will consider them, thank you again😊


My dreams actually don’t come into my mind, it’d just that whenever I get up at 5:00 am I get a thought which says, “hey, why don’t you fap today?” but I say no and continue to try to sleep.
However the urge doses not go away and then I have to struggle to control it

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Sorry bro, for privacy reasons I don’t give away numbers, however you can contact me here if you want