Cancelling post

Hi, loving this app.
I’m using it on my smartphone, the only issue I have is; when creating a post, msg etc, cancelling is impossible as the “Yes cancel/delete” tab doesn’t fit on screen, I only get the option “No, Keep”
Would be great if it could be fixed. Thanks

Next to no keep it does say “yes, abandon”

Sorry… but I don’t understand this despite trying too much
what is mean user card background
I have added a photo to it

I have posted a photo in the profile background. But four photos are visible
Didn’t I set it properly ?


Here’s a screenshot

Sorry if I’m a pain :grin:

Seems like a rendering issue, the box seems to go too much towards the top left. Open the link in a web browser(chrome) and check if the issue persists.

Profile background and user card background and two different things. You will mainly see user card background on a desktop, opening profiles on mobile device won’t show it.

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