Can sudden stopping of fapping after 35 years cause health issue?

Can there be any problem of prostate if sudden stoppage of fapping happens. Also, i have to be able to have sex wd my wife naturally. i no longer feel attracted to her many times. it creates problem. and then i need to get fantasies of many kinds through telegram and dirty chat groups. i want to get over this cycle…

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Consider reading this.

I’ll not go scientific into it but let’s talk about spiritual reasons, semen is the existence for us, it is a life force energy that every male get who comes into this universe. Wasting the semen means, wasting the life which comes in the term of anxiety,depression,low self esteem hence very low motivation for life. In yogic terms, one can be healthy till his death if he retain his semen and practice yoga and meditation. Now question yourself, if you’ll save your semen what would you lose? Definitely you’ll lose your medications because you’ll not go to doctor, you’ll have no interest in watching porn, you’ll be so happy that your happiness won’t be dependent on social media media/movies/songs anymore. So that’s why doctor/porn/social media/modern world somewhere say that masturbation is a healthy practice because there business is running from you. Males have choice that they can save their semen and get the spiritual benifits, for females they’ll lose their eggs even if they do an sexual activity or not so for females there are other ways to enter into spirituality. At last, even though if you don’t agree with me why not you practice yourself, do semen retention in beginning for 1-2 years and see the difference and don’t worry much, there still are monks and yoga masters who don’t waste their semen and they don’t have any prostate or whatsoever cancer at all, they’re more healthy then normal human beings.


This is as simple as that… Let’s take an example.
If you only have money. If you store it, you will get profit. If you lose it, you will get a loss.

And plz help me i am having nightfall everynight. After i lost my 11 days streak

No. it’s just a dumb argument fappers say as excuse to keep fapping.

Yeah this will be fixed by not fapping and not seeing porn over a period of time.

Well, you are experiencing a lot of sex anxieties and also need for porn to find your wife attractive means you are desensitized from sex.

Also could mean you aren’t really attracted to her since you could be gay. COULD be as we don’t know what tipe of porn you watch. If you watch gay porn you might fantisize of having it rather than your wife. (JUST SAYING)

The other ideal could mean to need sex only with porn is unnatural and can’t function you need to seek counciling as we tend to desire sex on our own and don’t need an extra stimulus to do so. Also the fact of the matter is your Testosterone levels are very low if you don’t have a natural desire to do it with your wife. The problem is your libido bro. So you need to change your diet to higher zinc and also do heavy work or exercise as this shown to increase testosterone. ( I can say it is true as I do sometimes feel horney after a good exercise session) .

Also not really true for the prostate tho. You can also test this. If you masterbate daily your semen will come out yes, but you’ll notice that the ejaculation doesn’t have much force. It will be like you pee it just comes out or in some occasions have a dry one with too much of masterbation or binges.

Also in binges your first one is usually strong and there after less in intensity. With each orgasm and ejaculation there after.

But if you can hold it for 2 weeks or a month at best your come literally shoots out of you with greater force. You can test this I have experienced this also first hand with from a daily thing to month of skipping.

I don’t wanna offend anyone just saying and busting the myth of masterbation is good for the prostate. Hope this helps and good luck stay strong and awesome

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woo i m not at all gay n low testostaron dude! i m concerned of sudden stoppage. which u had put points. apart from gay or lpw testosterone part other text is ok.

Low testosterone low libido( low sex drive) no sexual desire easy man that’s why I said it.

Okay like I said don’t know what porn you watch , but it doesn’t matter anyways as I don’t know your sexual desires. Usually the porn you view has an impact on you. To desire someone or something else. I used gay as gay sex exist and usually viewing this changes sexuality in one. Simple and neutral this is all no offence intended.

And the rest is still applicable. Well just consult a doctor or therapist if you feel my view is to graphic or wrong. It is an opinion and view in order to help. That’s all

Wow, so, fapping isnt causing you any health problems? I mean are you happy with fapping? I dont think so, if you really wanna change, you should not even think about those stuffs

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No, @nofapstar123 I didn’t mean it in this way. In regards to what he mentioned he is addicted to porn and in this way he is desensitized to sex
And not having the feeling to be aroused or the desire for sex at all as he needs porn to do it for him. This is what the porn done to him.

In combination, with the years of fapping and sex( if he is still masturbating with marriage) this causes low Testosterone and it is equal to low sex drive mainly.

If you look at the overall spectrum porn caused all the bad stuff that happend to it and we don’t have to elaborate here and add the damage to masterbation as well as 100% watching porn he masterbates and obviously adds to the symptoms easy to understand. No offence, but it is clear as day.


Yeah you are right bro

nope. sex drive is high . no issues in libido etc. but problem is attraction towards wife has lowered. sex drive towards other woman is high in comparison to that.

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