Can someone give me some advice and sense of direction ?! Pllssssss

Everyone out there in the community I just need some senese of direction and help coz idk what is wrong and I need advice coz I am really really scared that smt is wrong with me .

So the whole situation goes like, I and my gf finally decide to have sex but it turned out that the moment we went for it I couldn’t get hard and it happend not just with her but even later when I was alone tried to mastrubate, I got hard but then I couldn’t maintain and erection and first I thoight that maybe it’s the anxiety and pressure but it’s that was not the case, some how I came to this community where I realsied that maybe porn adiction is a leading cause to cause such a situation and idk I am scared that maybe it’s not the case or smt is wrong with me. It’s been 15 days since I started using this app and I would lovee and it did be great help if anyone can share their experiences similar to mine and if it turned out to be great at the end ??! I despirately wanna fix myself I am going nuts here.


Your brain is badly damaged by Porn and masturbation. The damage is to that extent that your brain is not interested in Real sex that is why you are not getting hard , but its interested in the fantasy and fake world of Porn
and does not want anything except Porn and masturbation.

So to get yourself back , You need to reboot your brain. That is you have to practice nofap for minimum of 90days to reboot your brain and to get rid of Porn.


You are right, porn and masturbation have damaged you. If you break both habits, I assure you that you won’t ever have the same problem any more. Best wishes man.

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It’s called PIED (Porn Induced Erection Dysfunction).

@Tagore has helped many others who have faced it.


@Oppenheimer969 .I completely agree… With @Visionary_18 , and you badly need to go through celibacy for 90 days and if not 180 days. I feel this could be the after effect of porn addiction.


Thanks for tagging @Ash_Matt
All these things will be cured bro @Oppenheimer969 . These are all side effects of pmo addiction. Some people get premature ejaculation (PE), others get Porn Induced Irectile Dysfunction (PIED), and many other sexual problems.
A reboot of min 90 or a standard 180 days can cure everything. I’ve been through it too. I couldn’t get erection on p*** as well. My dick was basically dead. But currently Iam on day 78- getting constant morning woods, erections are coming back. They are not perfect though. It’ll all become alright. Be celibate for 180 days. Also spent time with your gf, talk, don’t think about sex, replace it with love. PIED will be cured easily.

Nothing is wrong bro. It is 100% porn induced. The problem is in the brain. You have been pmo-ing to for too long with a death grip that your brain now has forgotten the genetic neural pathway of sex. It is interested only in pmo. Brain is extremely plastic; just after 30-60 days your erection will start coming back.


Also during the reboot your dick will go dead for the first 30-50 days usually. Maybe flatline also can occur; in my experience flatline is stronger for people who have PIED since big changes are happening in the brain.
If you want, go to site and learn a little about flatline too. It’ll help.
Spending time with friends, being disciplined, watching movies, hearing songs, exercise, Meditation etc can all help in getting out of flatline fastly



Thank you so much guys, you all make me feel confident and comforted that it’s gonna be alright and I am gonna fight this with you all.

Also I did like to add you guys as my companion if that’s alright with you.


It’s important it will help you and even don’t let you easily fall for porn. Talk about your hobbies , your moments , do some funny . But don’t talk about anything regarding sex.
Everything will be okay believe in yourself and make efforts towards your streak.

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Displacement Activities

  • Work out (squats seem popular with many nofappers).
  • Do yoga or stretching.
  • Groom yourself (shower, trim fingernails, shave, floss, brush teeth, use tongue scraper, wash your clothes, etc.).
  • Get squeeze balls for your hands (squeeze the squeeze ball and not your genitals).
  • Go for a walk.
  • Read a book instead of surfing the web.
  • Hang out with people.
  • Join a club (or clubs).
  • Clean the house/apartment/room.
  • Fix something around the house.
  • Start a chore that you have been putting off.
  • learn something new (a language, a musical instrument, cooking, solve a Rubik’s cube etc).
  • 2 minute time out.

Avoidance Techniques

  • Delete your porn folder, delete your porn links.
  • Install a porn blocker (no more looking at sexy pics).
  • No edging, period. Touch yourself only when cleaning your body or urinating (see squeeze ball above).
  • Stay in public places.
  • Stay off the computer or phone except for a dedicated task like banking, work, school work, email, texting, checking nofap, checking the news, etc. and then log out.
  • If you are surging stay off the computer or phone completely.
  • Do not mindlessly surf the web because you will eventually click on a trigger.
  • Wear thick pants with a belt.
  • Go to bed only when you are about to sleep.
  • Get out of bed immediately after waking.
  • Beer, wine, liquor and pot: avoid these until you have solid control of your fappy impulses.

Mental Motivation

  • Remember why you are doing this.
  • Acquiring that strong sense of self-pride and being able to look people in the eye.
  • There will never be a day when fapping to porn will leave you happy and fulfilled.
  • Remember how shitty you feel right after you fap.
  • Remember that as your pleasure centres rewire you will start enjoying the experiences of your life more vividly.
  • If you fap then you are training yourself to be mediocre.
  • If you fap then prepare to lose your manliness.
  • When you fap then your sex life is watching other people have sex. This trains your brain to be a beta male.
  • If you fap you will numb yourself to your life and you will never have a hope of completing yourself.
  • A fraction of the women in porn are leading abused lives. You don 't want to contribute to the harm of another person.
  • Porn and fapping makes you look at woman in the wrong ways. You don’t want to be that guy.
  • People can sense you are a beta male when you fap. They know.
  • When you don’t fap you will become more alpha. Alpha doesn’t mean aggressive douchebag, I know buddhist monks and lay meditators who are very alpha and very good people at the same time.
  • Don’t do nofap to get a women in your bed, do it for yourself.
  • Remember that if if you don’t have ED you will eventually get it.
  • Remember that if you have ED then nofap will cure it (if there are no underlying medical issues).
  • You will have the freedom of not worrying about your browser history.
  • You will have the freedom of not having that second, hidden, fappy personality.
  • You will have a more sensitive and normal genital response (i.e. no more death grip/death schlick syndrome).

Improve Your Commitment

  • Acknowledge to yourself that you have a problem, an addiction even.
  • Make a public commitment to stop fapping (for most of us this is an anonymous but public commitment like here on nofap, for some it could be a trusted buddy or your SO).
  • if you have an accountability partner, call or text them when you are surging.
  • Mark out your nofap days on a calendar (‘x’ out each day with a coloured marker, if you relapse then ‘x’ out each subsequent day of your new streak using a different coloured marker). It doesn’t have to be paper, I use my iPad calendar for example.
  • … but remember that every day is Day 1 no matter how high your counter is.
  • Also post your progress on nofap every so often. Post daily if you are going through a rough patch.
  • “Low fap” does not work, cold turkey is the best way to go.
  • Go to nofap and help others.
  • Meditation.
  • Identify your triggers (stress, anxiety, boredom, some kind of perceived failure) and realize that a fap session will not help.

Tricks of Last Resort

  • Cold showers.
  • For some, cold showers are too traumatic. If so, then wash your unit with a cold face cloth until the urge passes. Some fapstronauts have suggested that washing your face in cold water may also work.
  • If you are not doing hard mode then get your woman or man to “relieve” your tension.

This post is only about Phase I of nofap. Phase II of nofap is about living for purpose, not pleasure.


  • Fall down. Get up.
  • Fall down. Get up.
  • Fall down. Get up.
  • Fall down. Get up.
  • Fall down. Get up. Stay up. Help others.

Whenever I feel sexual urges, I usually find a way to distract myself. One way is by playing a competitive videogame. My recommended choice (if you have a Switch) would be Tetris 99. Tetris is already a game of focus and strategy, but now you have to play against 100 people, which requires you to be as alert and focused as your components. Playing a game like this takes up all of your brain power, and soon enough, you’ll forget why you were even aroused in the first place. Another thing that I’d recommend is watching a type of video that discomforts you. My recommendation would be tarantula feeding videos because they are so creepy and arachnophia inducing that it is almost guaranteed to scare the urge away.

If you find that the urge still finds a way to get passed you, then you should join the message board community and write about why you are NOT going to relapse today, or write about how you feel everyday. This is necessary because it will make you feel like you have someone to prove to and you will have less reason to relapse because are watching you. They won’t bite.

Stay away from the place that you relapse in. If you have a play room or study, then spend your leisure time in there. Watch TV shows that don’t remind you of your sexual interests. Most importantly, recognize when you brain is working against because it will do anything to rob you of your progress. Don’t make excuses for yourself, don’t think about relapsing and be smart than your urges.

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