Can i use social media? Pls answer

I have uninstalled Instagram and facebook and just completed 9 days today
Just asking that should I install social media apps again?
You guys not gonna believe that but I m having curiosity and urges to go to Social media😂
What should I do
Anyone can help?
But I also know that which type of content is shown in my feed( it contains explicit content🙂)


Damn bro, If you’re addicted to social media I’d recommend you to not install them again, at least not for a long time, it will help to your NoFap journey as well. But you are the one who sets your priorities it won’t kill ya but I don’t think is the best option. Good luck!


Bro don’t, listen to me, I think I can consider myself as a veteran in this area. I quit my Instagram and Snapchat almost a year ago. I quit in January last year. My life has been much much much better because of it. I only use WhatsApp because I need it. I use no other social media. Trust me, life is much better without it


Thank you guys
I will do my best that I won’t use that platform again

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Quit social media for life not just days. Watch the Netflix Documentary “Social Dilemma”. Don’t just uninstall. Temporarily deactivate the account and don’t open ever again. You won’t believe I used to run a photography blog on Instagram with 1k+ followers but still I have deactivated that account. Many of my friends were shocked by this decision of mine. I switched to a different platform called 500px where photography and art is given top priority. Not like Instagram where you find memes, models, entertainment too basically even if you don’t follow them. Currently I am not on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and once I even thought of leaving Google and using duckduckgo for my entire life but due to some caveats on duckduckgo. I had to come back on Google. But this time with a fresh account. Because the algorithm doesn’t know anything about my past(my searches). And for YouTube same. I turned off the comments section using Youtube Vanced because of unnecessary jokes or debates there. And no shorts section. I’m just on whatsapp that too with notifications turned off, actually my phone’s notifications are managed by an app called daywise which works on batching system, 4 batches a day. We can all live our lives without social media, those stimulating likes, comments, hearts, story views and all. Remember everything u click on internet trains the algorithm. The algorithm will only show you similar things that you have previously surfed. So be careful. There’s a quote " if you don’t pay for the product (Instagram, fb, other social media apps), you’re the product (your attention, more attention means more ad watch and that’s how fb, Insta, YouTube, Google earns basically by selling your attention to ad companies). I would suggest you to watch the documentary I’ve suggested you above.


Thanks bruh for this kind of information
And yeah sure I will watch that movie


I would advice you do not install them cuz you’ll have a higher chance of relapse, and if you’re feeling curious then you could be addicted to social media.
Just find something productive to do, something you’ve been putting off for a while and fo it.


Whenever u have urge to use social media, instead of it, read a book. Book reading does wonders and it eliminates visual triggers and helps you grow as a person in knowledge and character.


no bro its bad, trust me thats why i deleted instagram