Can I have an orgasm?


Can I have sex and orgasm during the reboot?
Or should I reboot totally without orgasm?

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That’s what I was searching the other day.
But I knew the answer already and so do you. Still if you want to hear it from someone else then ‘No you cant have an orgasm while you are on nofap.’

Imagine someone asking ‘Can you eat anything while you are fasting?’

It’s the brain brother, it will make you doubt the whole purpose of nofap, it will make you believe that you weren’t addicted to fapping in the first place. Porn isn’t the only evil, the addiction is of orgasm, porn is just a catalyst. Your goal was to get an orgasm through porn.

So, indulge yourself in some other activity and stop thinking and doubting yourself.


You are responsible for your results make sure that you won’t regret later.


You have changed bro.
Back Then you didnt had such thoughts.
Its good that you finaly realised it.