Can I get some help?

I have relapsed a total of 18 times after getting this app which was a bit over a month I cant seem to get past 2 days and I feel so angry at myself I must stop this I’m only 16 and I feel ashamed. I do exercise play musical instruments keep myself busy and yet my body forces me I even know I shouldn’t do it and I still do, I just want to get past a week.


don’t give up fighting my love, you will win :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


Thank you i feel like I can push harder with people supporting me


I’m here for you. beloved of my heart please don’t give up. :heart::heart::heart::heart:

You are stronger than you think. I believe you. get up, you are a warrior. :dart::trophy::underage::heart:

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I’ll update my journey here and prove myself and show how much a difference makes when a person is helping thank you


@bruhmoment12 what a joy. I love you my brother. I am very very very happy for you. I wanted to give you a tight hug now.:heart::trophy::dart:

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Hey @bruhmoment12!

Don’t feel so guilty or ashamed, we all went through this process. This is a hard journey and confusing at times, but this is hard but a very good journey!

You are making progress if you can beat 1 day just motivate you to do the same the next day. Don’t worry about your counter a week or month will come. Just say for today enough is enough and make it day 1 each day.

It matters in a sense if you stay busy, but more specific is the times when the urges hit is where you can focus on it more, but it doesn’t have to be a thing you need to force yourself into to stay away from fapping like playing an instrument and also it is a bit impractical since in the evenings you can’t pratice as good as in the day since everyone is sleeping.

Buddy when the urge hits you just stay calm and do something fun and exciting, because if it has these two elments in the thought of an urge will disappear!

This could be endless possibilities like building legos, not only that you can build puzzles do sudoku. Sounds boring for some but fun for you for example.

Good luck and stay strong and awesome!!


Don’t give up. You will figure it out, because that is who you are naturally. We are just trying to go back to our natural roots here buddy, to hit that level of optimum performance and drive all of us have as default setting. You can and will do this. Read up on as much as you can about the habit, educate yourself, look if you can find new angles and perspectives, think in different ways.
Life is way more fun and exciting than sitting and jerking yourself, remember that.
Discipline is key here. Be patient, give yourself a hug, assure yourself that you are going to be with you every step of the way and you will figure it out. :smile:

Stay sharp buddy


Keep small targets in the beginning for sufficiently long period … like 3 days… 5 days… 7 days…

Do real work like study, exercise, yoga,

Try to understand that this is a natural urge… its inside everyone of every age or every gender

Willingly put pornblock apps in the phone and delete all video pics material

Work on your own life and meet people outside make friends talk to them and share feelings, help others as much as possible

Most important keep the mobile phone and all digital gadgets away from you in the night

Finally don’t stress yourself about your life enjoy it wherever you are in whichever conditions you are

And when you do it… do it only when you really need it

Always remember that god is the ultimate power and humans are nothing. So pray to god daily and do your tasks in his name.

I hope these things will help you

God bless you


Just constantly keep improving bro… slowly and steadily. 1% increase everyday.

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Thank you so much I feel stronger then ever I knew it was the right thing to reach out.

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Hey man, don’t feel ashamed, it is meant to be hard, but remember, nothing worth doing is easy. Be firm with yourself, but also be nice, don’t destroy yourself with shame, it’s a vicious cycle. Treat yourself like your best friend. If your best friend was trying his hardest at doing something good, but suffers a setback, are you going to get angry at him, shame him, and treat him like shit? No! (At least I hope not) You pet him on the back, help him back up, and encourage him to keep going.


Try to identify the trigger. If its youtube, instagram, netflix, etc.,then uninstall those apps. In spare time, follow your ambitious and passions. Eg read book, draw, paint, learn new musical instruments, learn a new language, dance, etc.

In short, keep yourself busy


Also do exerzisise, yoga and meditation daily.