Can I Beat my social anxiety?

Guys. I will see if tomorrow I can go to the library. I’m not sure what will happen. If not I exercise still. But I really want to do some social activity even if just going to the library. I’m tired of living my life with social anxiety, having my mask on so I can feel less anxious while others think it’s just because he doesn’t know any better. Anyways, I just wanted to write this to take accountability.


You can beat it easily bro. It’s a slow process but once you stick to it. Anxiety fades away. Also a tip , whenever feel anxious just think is this person really thinking this much about me? Or is it my assumption.


Hey man. Your right about that. I am feeling more active now then yesterday. So I will exercise in a bit. Getting my head high and crawling from my own mis perception. :fire::muscle:

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I really cant believe you have anxiety issues . Your body is so fit looking at the picture. Can you elaborate how anxiety is affecting your day to day activities. Are you not able to socialize?

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Exercise and think about your goals in life. I had a trick when feeling anxious. I would think to myself, if I decide to not do this, will I regret it later? If yes, then I 100% have to do it and face my fears. And if I can’t get myself to do it, I count until 10 and do it without thinking. Jump into the risk. You need to jump and fail in order to win in this life and be happy.

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For me exercise is my limitation. It’s where I stop. Sure one can be fit but it’s that all you do then it’s not good. It’s a stereotype people say that when your fit it must mean you have a good social life.

That’s a good trick. I didn’t think about it that way.

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Honestly I’ve exercised since I was a kid. For me it’s normal. So I treat it like normal. But in my social life I don’t really have a good one. I’ve had to eat in my car because I didn’t want the employees to see me eat or deciding I wanted to go to the library but procrastinated because I was thinking who was going to be there or how many people. Yeah I tend to overthink about social situations especially big crowds and I think that’s why I have SA. Sometimes people can’t tell since I act tough to cover it up.

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Yes same things happen to me as well . I subconsciously feel i have improper body language when i am on stage or when people are staring at me. I have never danced in my life. Even i am physically fit . I go for walks , jogging ,cycling but often choose places where its isolated even though its tough to find such a place in my country,
. But there is some slight improvement in body language and social anxiety after 1 year of nofap journey. I feel suicidal when people are talking around me , sometimes it used to happen around my cousins and in the cab to my work place this is due to left out kind of feeling. I heard consulting a hypnotist and undergoing hypnotherapy will help people like us.

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I’m glad I’m not alone. I thought I was the only one with this strange situation. Now imagine having SA and a porn addiction, now the situation amplifies itself. Now people think you have personality disorder which could be the case for me. Because at one side you may seem confident and then you end up going back where you truly are. Just to cover up your true self from being exposed. Fucked up cycle. If you want we can connect, I think people like us need some community also. Sucks being alone and not understood, I attempted suicide today and didn’t do it because I know there are people who still look up to me in my life.


Yes we can connect. Pinging you personally.


Hey goodmorning. Just received your message. Maybe I will DM you first.

hey guys, i too struggle with Social anxiety.