Can Anyone Help me to Create No peeking challenge

It’s around 8-9 months of Myself in this forum But I peeked sometimes during my streaks.
From this forum I realised that Many people have this issue of peeking during NOfap.
I request my companions @Samaranjay @Ash_Matt @PrDr @strongwillpower @rewire_user @The_wild_perception to help me out to Create A challenge which have a daily Reward system, Daily Check In system to keep people Interested in that type of challenge


I would love to become the part of it but because of my exams my hands are tied, I have to complete my syllabus and my exam is just 15 days ahead !
Thanks for tagging me !
Will join once my exam ends

The Only Focus was Just to keep clean that is no peeking or edging…
I will become Co- admin of that challenge and Available for Next 5 years


Bro I think @The_wild_perception 's compound effect challenge is meant for the same :sweat_smile:


Bro I know but I want A Similar challenge which sole purpose to keep check on peeking habits.


I actually don’t much knowledge to create good Articles in this forum. That’s why I want help from you guys

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If anyone having any suggestion whether my idea was good or bad(or just waste of time) Plz write in this thread

Actually I want involvement of max persons in this forum.

Everyone Start there day from Day 1 irrespective of there streak and Check In at the end of the Day

I wasted my 5 years on Porn … so it was just an Revenge of 5 years to keep clean

Daily Reward is must for everyone to ensure involvement

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Discipliners like @Tagore @Gokura @_TIGER @richard21 Plz give your suggestions

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Dont think much, just make the thread, and manage it. Thats it.

Has any thread available which sole purpose to challenge our Peeking habits?

My suggestion for you is : reset your counter, and start hard mode, that include no peeking no edging. Problem solved.

If you dont want to reset the counter just add your target time in your current streak and make that your new target.

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If by peeking you meant you watched p*** then I suggest you must reset your counter bro. Fapping and not resetting the counter is tolerable but watching p*** = full blown relapse. It bakes our brain and destroys everything.
But, if you meant you watched p-subs or pictures of girls then I suggest you keep another counter for abstaining from p-subs.
Bro, keep this in mind, peeking is the worst thing any man in nofap can do to himself. It basically means putting ghee into the fire and more pain into your suffering.
Most people who peek usually end in a relapse but most people learn this lesson only from experience. Even though all our senior Fapstronauts say that you should never peek we all usually do that mistake.
Now you’ve learnt the lesson. Grow from it.


Bro @Gokura @Tagore actually for that reason I opened new thread.
I already made a challenge regarding this

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