Can anyone give me advice how to meditate?

Hello community. I am going to start my meditation routine from 1st September. People who has a habit of mediation here, Can anyone give me some tips and advice for meditation. My general doubts are

1: Should you meditate by chanting mantras or just meditate in silence?
2: If random thoughts arise, how to overcome those thoughts?
3: How many times should I do pranayam techniques like KapalBati or Anulom Vilom?

Anyone who is reading this, can you please share your suggestions?

Meditate in silence with eyes closed and you focus on your breathing, when your mind wanders, bring the attention back to the breath.

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Thank you @anon44754080 for advice

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If you don’t mind, could you please tell your current streak?

Well my current streak is 37 days and my highest ever.

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Congratulations bro. I have relapsed now… Could you please tell how to overcome the urge to watch P. My mind is really an expert in manipulating me

When I get urges, I work out, exercise and then I force myself into the cold shower, the cold shower works for me everytime I get urges.

I can do that in the morning. But about 90% of relapse takes place at night. During those times where parents not around, I am getting a tendency to urge very badly. Don’t know why

Try exercising alot during the day and you will feel tired at night

Its not about being tired, I have a lot of work to do. So I have to sleep late. It is those times I am vulnerable to relapse

Maybe a blocker will help, I use this app called Blockerx, and it works brilliantly, but there are
some premium features where you can stop yourself from uninstalling bypassing the Blocker

I have already downloaded one. It have helped me many times, but when I feel the urge I just don’t go to P straight away. I just start to watch minute version of P that blocker app don’t block just like you have the starters before the main dish. Since the main dish is blocked by the blocker app. I just relapse even after seeing the starters

This has been the exact reason for many relapses. Can anyone help me in this situation?

Hello @anon44754080 Are you there?

Same used to happen to me, but then I found another blocker that actually works, that app can block apps at 3 different level restrictions and when it comes across specific words, it blocks blocks you out of the apps, this app is called Xblocker whether you have installed it or not?

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Is it available for PC?

I’m not sure if it is or not

I have made several restrictions on phone to prevent unwanted misuse. But the same procedure cannot be followed on PC. That’s why I asked…

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If u have a random boner or get horny just remember that you can t PMO to really get to the Next level

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