Can any body help me

Hey guys, I have restarted my streak after failure from failing more than 70 times science feb
And had achieved max…33 days

So tell me somthing to kill urges
Because it’s my exam on 18 agust and I have not studied yet.


I’m sorry, I don’t have anything new to offer that you probably haven’t read already.

Cold Showers.

But my best advice is to do what you can to avoid the urges in the first place, by being proactive with your schedule.

For studying, I suggest if possible that you takes your books/homework etc outside, in a public place… somewhere that doesn’t have the distraction of the internet. Of course, you might need the internet for your studies, so if that is the case, keep people around you.
Better to have some distraction from the people around you than complete distraction from urges and relapse.

Also, nice job on 33 days! That is longer than from now until your exam. You can do it again!


I don’t know what to say aside from this: you’re not in this alone. I don’t know you, but you can message me when you’re having urges. Likewise, pray to the one true God through his son Jesus. He’ll ultimately help. Stay strong, friend.


Good determination. Fall 75 times; the 76th time will be greatness.


I recommend this book below

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Also, he speaks very fast. But, if you are only just now getting to studying 2 weeks before an exam, I would try my best to remember the most important material first.

Best wishes for your exam!


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