Calling All Serious NFers

Hey looking for serious NF companions to help through the journey and share thoughts with. I am doing complete no PMO or any other combination that involves P or M. I don’t have a target my intention is that this will be forever unless I have to be away from my fiancee for longer than say a few week, if that makes sense and even then preference would be imagination MO or homemade P if you get my drift :wink:

So abit about my story:

I was first exposed to soft core ■■■■ when I was about 10 and tried to get my hands on what ever I could from then on, I hit the mother load when I was about 13 and found my dads movie stash and it was all down hill from their. At 16 I got my first PC and could view what ever I wanted and the binges got longer, I wanked more and to harder stuff all while not feeling fulfilled and wasting precious hours of my time away damaging myself.

I am now 28 and have a Fiancee who I have been with 10 years, she knows I PMOd on at least on a weekly basis but never knew the extent, our sex life great but for some reason I always went back to ■■■■ especially when I was down or plain bored. I want to kick my addiction because it is making me feel numb and is preventing me from fully embracing my fiancee or life in general.

I am not the typical NoFAPer in sense that I can abstain for a long time say 2 wks and be ok, but after a while strong the urges come and my brain tries to trick me and rationalize that its ok and I have a 2 day binge of ■■■■ lots of edging and eventual M all while been evasive of my partner and really hating what I’m doing.

This time I am determined hence joined the community. I am not religious nor do believe PMO is inherently wrong. The absolute key is moderation which as an addict I am incapable of unfortunately.

Sorry for the rant but context is key to understanding :slight_smile:


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I onderstand you brother small steps day by day by day.

Hello need a companion too, sharing code is 6000ed

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Hi guys inviting you to join our Alpha Family accountability group. Here is a link:

It’s a good step that you’re making to break old habits by starting this thread and confessing your desire to be more than what you have been, for you and your fiancee, you both deserve it.

My sharing code is b29fee, I didn’t find it v hard to stop for a couple of weeks either, it does make things easier, so your main challenge will be breaking through that 2/3 week threshold and sustaining yourself afterwards. I’m on day 46, aiming to stop for good but my goal is 150 days, a hard reset.

Yes I am looking forward to testing my will power when the time comes, have been having some really strange vivid dreams lately which is probably biggest change so far :confused:

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