Calling all nofappers. i need people to interview for a research project. cash will be rewarded

Hi Guys,

My name is Ibrahim Mahmud, I am writing a dissertation project and I am in need for a few respondents to help me out. I am a student at University of East London.
Currently undertaking my final year in BA Sociology.

The interview will last 1 hour long conducted via Zoom or Skype.

You will be asked a series of questions about viewing porn, masculinity and objectifying women.

It will be strictly confidential and none of your information will be shared

You will be rewarded with a cash sum for your contribution to this research

Nothing too strenuous, you will not be interrogated :smile:

Please message me or comment on this post if you are interested. We can arrange a time for an interview in the next 7 days. No time wasters please.

I’m interested. This will be audio only call right?

Hi yes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Please let me know your age, whether you are straight or gay. Where you are from.
And how much you consume porn.


As I m also Muslim I will answer your questions without money but with making myself confidential only telling you age and things realted to porn

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Can you message me your phone number

Hello i am interested

I am also interested,

Hi thanks for your message.

Please give me your number so I can contact you.