Call for all who are focused on the journey

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Age - 25
Gender - M
Location - Asia

Why I want a companion -

My addiction to porn has been on and off. I have managed to overcome this addiction but after few months I find myself again on it.
Major reason being

  • out of boredom
  • curiosity and urge
  • via ig and other social platform where content subconsciousily drives towards porn.

I just don’t want porn or anything similar to have a control on me.
I am focused on to improving my lifestyle, body, studies and reverse all the damage done to me.

Add me to your companion let’s connect to stay motivated and focused.

This is how I look as of 22/12/21 and I’ll keep posted with updates monthly on my journey.


i’m down bro.

Hey I’m inspired… let’s kick this fuckin habit together

Day 0

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i would really like to set a goal and get rid of this addiction

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hs : 5 days

cs : 0 days

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