Caan's Diary - #Day2 #LifeWithoutPMO

Just got wakeup now.
And maily what i got to tell you all tday is, this place really seems working for me. Meeting people who hvng the same prblm as mine and reading their progress really do helping to stick with the no PMO. Oh what else is needed if you are already making a change in the world, believe me it’s just one day and i did helped one guy from the verge of relapse. Oh allah i’m relieved.:blush::sob::pray::white_check_mark:
#LetsFightItTogetherLads #ItIsTime #ItsNowOrNever.:muscle::+1:


So cool @Caan you’re doing great by Helping people when they really need help.
Even I am happy for the getting help from one of my new friend @TheWindWaker who helped me to get back on NoFap.
Keep helping people you definitely get help when you least expected. :+1:


Sure bro…
I am so greatful to all of the members here, you guys are literally changing me…:sob::pray:

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:red_circle:Caan’s quotes and thoughts
You guys ever be proud of yourself?
Guess what’ i’m hell proud of ma self for moving through the right, for doing the right things.:muscle::+1:


That’s right champion :trophy:, stay strong :muscle:

That is soo good for you buddy! Keep going!


Thanks brothers.