Bye bye counter

Relapse today :frowning:

Got triggered by WhatsApp
What to do?

Back to 0 days :frowning:

Why are you doing nofap ?

A. friend of mine told me I may have a problem with this. So I jumped into google and start browsing the topic… It turns out that I was feeling most of the symptoms of an addiction… Lack of focus, lack of energy, anxiety, lazzyness, and an overwhelming lack of motivation.

Aynyways… Starting over today. This time I will do better.

Does something change in these 11 days of abstinance.

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Better energy.
I sleep and wake up earlier.
Gain 1kg weight
Slight increase in motivation
Got bored frequently due the enormous amount of free time


u got triggered by whatsapp … so i think its better to mute your wahtsapp notifications!

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Hard, but necessary…

This time go for atleast three weeks and after that share your story. Thanks.

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I will aim for that!