Bruce's Diary.(19M)

Hello Diary,
Its the first time im writing the diary…
I have relapsed today two times. One in early morning and one writing this before…I am really upset. Dont know why i cant handle my mind … I have started using this app 1month ago…My maximum Streak is 6 days. I CANT HANDLE THIS ANYMORE… I NEED TO CHANGE MY MIND, CHANGE MY ATTITUDE AND CHANGE MY LIFE.
Porn has been in my life over 7 years since im 13…
Want to change and i will change… Today onwards Starting a 65 Days of Hard Mode.
WHOEVER READING THIS PLS GUIDE ME HOW TO DO HARDMODE.! IS HARDMODE =MONK MODE?? I need to find my cues and stop this shit forever… Yours
BatMan(Fapper in a Cave😖)

Purely from observation you need to remove “can’t” from your vocabulary. Next this is a journey and a LIFESTYLE change brother it will take awhile to rewire your mind and body to purge old programing from before this reset.

I suggest you start with reading books on skills you want to gain and cold showers brother. Perhaps a hands on project or two in case your hands need to be busy above the beltline.

I love you but I can’t learn it for you.


Thanks for the advice…