Browny 1st diary

Day one
Hi it’s me at middle of the night.
Took a stand against my ejaculation habit.


Great work man!

Stand up to the addiction!

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Day two

Nothing much special just normal day.
Feeling some urges so I decided that i will spend my time here.
Off the topic; I like a girl she is Soo beautiful. She has very nice skin; I mean she has a light on her skin. I really like that not in creepy way.
She is good in study.
I remember before 2 years ago when i was strictly following no fap challenge for 1 and half month I was having same kind of skin and good in studies.
I kinda feel jealous

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Welcome bro! I also feels that way when i take cold showers, i mean, hot showers ARE bad for our skin, so…


Good luck on your journey @Browny , you know the benefits of nofap like you mentioned. What are you waiting for , go for it :running_man::walking_man: