BROTHERS I again peeked (edged) on streak of 21

I request to please guide and motivate to not to go close again to (edging)

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May new target is 10 days extreme monk mode…

  1. When urged then come here
  2. To lower my gaze
  3. Exercise
  4. Journal
  5. Through the phone
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Bro update your yesterday progress in No peeking thread … Take it seriously

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Why? what you need is confidence in yourself. You need strength to be strong enough to handle this journey.
If you lower your gaze you will continue to feel timid, feel like a failure and too weak to combat what comes. You posture will also influence how you feel. so, Lift your gaze, walk upright and always have a genuine smile on your lips


Brother he didn’t mean it in that way.

In our religion Islam, we are ordered to lower our gaze when non mahram(with whom marriage is allowed) comes. He shouldn’t look down or be shy with everyone as that will lower our confidence.
I get what you are trying to say.

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