Breathing exercises to convert sexual energy

Hey fellas,

I have this thought in my mind that energy in the body can be transformed into other forms of energy. Sexual energy is strong and easily created. Our testicles do their job. Now, is there a way to convert into spiritual, mental or physical energy so that these semen doesn’t stay in the balls. Instead convert into some other energy?

Want to learn about these techniques from a well known person. I don’t know where to search. Help me in finding a teacher.

Good day men. Stay strong.


Listen to Patanjli Sutras By osho.

Audio files compiled in a app called osho vani you can download this app from Google search.

I can take guarrantte of Osho as a Enlightened Man of 20th century. I have gained tremendous health & peace of mind from his teachings.

Currently i am listening to Gorakh sutras.


Hey man…
Thanks for always helping me. I don’t find an app osho vani in playstore. Can u tell me the exact name of the app?

From my experience I can say you be in flatline, you need to find some good resource to find dopamine or you will be in depression or your moral will be down along with libido. I found by cooking, playing Guitar or recording song I get happy and feel boosted and meditaion ,exercise is good day to keep keep physically and mentally calm. But we got to find a good source of dopamine which will replace our PMO urge. My thought


It was removed from play store because of copy right issues with so called Pro Osho Organisation who are just looting on his name.

I am providing you a web address where it is available for free… only 8 mb.
Name is Osho Vani 2.0

Download & install Osho Vani: Way To
Enlightenment APK 2.0

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You are absolutely right. I had experienced depression myself. Being a programmer and working on a tight scheduled project I was sitting and coding the whole day. No exercise, no reading and no hobbies. Probably once the project is over, things should be fine.


The link doesn’t seem to download apk. Can u do me a favor and send me a Google drive link where apk is present?
I need to download and start following the methods right away.

Thanks again man

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Open It using a Browser.
Simply Go to Google web search from your firefox.
Then search it.