Breaking News: A newbie wants to find a companion

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Why I want a companion -

Newbie here. I just need some companion while I walk on my road to 30 days of no PMO. I’ve been watching porn since 9th grade. I noticed that everytime I’d be alone, I’ll always end up jacking-off to some porn and feeling disgusted afterwards.

This destructive habit of mine must really go to an end and it would be really nice to have a companion. Hehe


Let’s break this together! Be strong brother.
My sharing code: d96bbe

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Hi guys,
I’m also new here and I couldn’t keep up for more than 3 days, so I thought maybe companionship would help?
My code is 3a15a1

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Let’s get stronger together brother :sunglasses:

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Thanks dude! 4 more hours till day 3.

Lets do this dude, Code: 309613

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I have added you. I am from India and currently on 5 days . Let’s do this together. Add me as well. My code is 058745. Highest streak: 158 days.

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My code is: 3ab463 hit me up
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