Breaking My Self To Rebuild My Self

I am on this forum for more than 1 year. I had great steak of 333 days & currently I am day 51.

Today I got an Idea to further improve my life.

  1. Breaking Bad Habit (fastly)
  2. Thinking Decision (fastly)
  3. Implementing new habit & completing task fastly.

I will share here my journey daily. I successfully Break or not. What I complete the task or not (fastly)

I am using word fast because I am too much lazy person. I tend to reward my self for every task. But That process was slow as hell. So now No more rewards. My improvements & my discipline is only my reward.

I know this thinking will wear off soon. That’s why I am making this thread so that my friends here will support & remind me.

So let’s begin.

  1. deleted android games from server

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