Breaking free from gay pmo

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Why I want a companion - As a gay guy, I’ve been an addict of gay PMO for too long. I’m looking for a companion to help me climb out of this dark valley.


Hi. I am a gay pmo addict as well. Maybe we can help each other in this fight


I’m in the same boat, man. We can all do this if we help each other.


Hi @Premier1987. Thanks for the reply. I also think we can help each other rewire and achieve our goal to be the best that we can be. You can add me on your companion list. I’m not yet sure how we’ll assist each other, but somehow we’ll have to find a way out of this “prison”.


Thanks for the encouraging reply, @dnn923. I believe we can beat this addiction because we all share the same hope to change.


Hey, what a your advice to stay clean from pmo?

Maybe you want to talk about hard times or the times when the urges are so strong?

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I broke down yesterday evening when I arrived home. I was alone and felt bored. That’s when the urges started to flood my brain and I actively blocked all attempts of my conscience to stop me from giving in. The urges are strongest when I am alone (especially in the evening hours).

So, yesterday I thought I would spend an hour doing pmo, but it turned out I did it for about three hours. In the process I worsened my addiction by adding new pictures of pornstars in my brain, These will surface in my mind later to tempt me to watch more. Evidently, I haven’t done any progress in this fight and so, I don’t have much advice to give.

But, the relapse I had yesterday reminded me that my will-power is not strong enough alone. I need to move myself away from situations that make it easy to give in. For example, I need to avoid being alone at night. So, one important piece of advice I can give to you and to myself is to seriously reconsider my routine, and remove specific situations that cause temptation.

I’m not sure how the accountability feature works, it seems like it’s one thing that can really help. Maybe you have more ideas. I JUST WANT TO DO ANYTHING TO SAVE ME FROM THIS!! :weary::weary:.


I feel so sorry for you.

Is it possible for you to block porn on your computer, you mobile phones etc?

Maybe it will help, when you are not able to watch to porn. This helped me a lot.

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Welcome Jason.
How are you today?
When is the worst time for you?

I’m not so sure how I can block porn from my computer.

Thanks. I will also add you to my list of rewire companions.

You can do it first in your router settings.

And on your smartphone you can install a pornblocker from the appstore

Then it will be the best when you are not drinking and when you are getting a normal sleeping routine. Do a workout so that you can sleep well at night.

Is it an option for you.

Thank you. I will try that.

Just try to do other positive things when you feel the urges rise. Workout, take a walk, listen to loud music, call a friend. After a while your brain will rewire to these positive things instead of porn.

Ate you gay or bi?

That sounds doable. Part of my life goals is to gain muscle, so maybe workouts will be a good idea to alleviate the urges and also strengthen myself physically. Killing two birds with one stone.

I’m gay. And you?

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This will strengthen your mind and your body.

I am gay as well.

What helped me is to tell my husband and a close friend about my “porn addiction”. This is an extra way to be accountable to someone else.

This sounds very good. So you are on a good way.

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