Break bone of dick


Sometimes i feel that
My dick is break from mid of between of my penks when it is loose or not in state of hardness
Does i m suffering from erectile dysfunction or its break
Or its my mind illusion to make me fool
Plz tell

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You can’t break your penis because there are absolutely no bones in it. You can however fracture it. If you have pain caused by swelling or bruising, or if you can’t get an erection you should go see a doctor.


Dude see a doctor right away, I know that’s not something what you think, but still go get yourself free from this illusion


To help the doctor, take picture of it when erect. If it’s crooked then might be pathological


I knew there is no bone in man penis… But is it true that it can be fractured as well? :open_mouth:


Yep, it is caused by rapid blunt force during intercourse or aggressive masturbation. Although it’s quite uncommon; it can lead to a ruptured urethra, vein injuries and even nerve damage…


Sounds very painful.
I guess is another reason to leave PMO for you guys.


That’s right, another reason to add to the list.
I’m sure it’s very painfull but I never want to find out :dizzy_face::rofl:

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I hope you never do! :alien:


Thx fr ur suggestion


Examine urself, do u feel any pain, any swelling etc. If not, u r fine, it’s not fractured or broken for sure. Ur muscles have become weak, try nofap for 90+ days, it will repair itself. U will see the results much earlier.
In my case also, 1.5 year back I used to feel that my penis is not getting hard enough. But now, after almost 1.5 years of regulated ejaculation, my penis has become like that of a15 year old boy. I keep getting these rock hardons several times a day, especially in morning. I also get these vivid wetdreams every 25-30days. Give NoFap a serious try on hardmode and without any porn or any other sexual triggers. All the best.


Can we talk on whtsapp
I need help n guidance frm u


Not gonna lie. I feel some kind of pain while reading this.


Thx for understanding…


This sounds hard.

You really need to stop masturbation for a time it makes your penis suffering. Stay gentle with it.

I hope you will be ok.


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