Bravoooo to my first workout guys

I will challenge myself to workout for a week to be a habbit for my day , this a decision from your soul to feel happy , don’t satisfied by little (masterbation ) don’t give up , let your body move in the right street … I feel much better by my work .

Thank God


I want to thank you for your motivation and caring :blush::+1:

Now i’m trying to take actions not just staying , I don’t know if I will successed for 5 years later hahahahaha !? I really don’t know if I can
But the positive view is that
I 'm great full to find people like you all ( with your strainghths and reapleses stories )

We are humans try to run and with this we choose to help who we fall down from this painfully habbits ( by go to our own marason :joy:🤾:biking_man::mountain_biking_man::basketball_man: )

I know that no masterbation It will surprise me and have this self of confidence that I don’t understand from other people ( it was annoying word )
But see me now I collect my achievements and God will be happy from me I hope that I don’t do this masterbation and see sexy poses with natural .
I deserve this peacefully
Yes , of course . :joy::muscle:

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Yes , you and he are absolutely right :sweat_smile::muscle:
I will … :muscle:

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