Brainfog and unable to sleep

Hey guys, I’m unable to think properly. It essentially started after I worked out in the evening. Now, I’m not sure how to move ahead. Any suggestion? Is it the part of flatline too?


Yes. Porn affects the brain and damages its wiring. It corrupts the action reward system of brain and weakens the dopamine receptors.
The only way you have is to start your streak and be clean.

I’m on a 30 day streak now
I haven’t fapped at all
The fog still came

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I always tell people nofap journey is never going to be linear. You will have to face those challanges!!
This is temporary dude. Drink alot of water and also you need patience right now!!
Once you pass through all withdrawl symptoms, you will become real king of your mind!


This is what @Sahas bro told me-
year ago … i was taking sleep drugs.
Sleep was my biggest issue.

Now… i am fine… dont have any sleep issue.

Solution is very simple :

I read it in a book.
It was a Research book.
No one has died of isomania.
Only thinking about it harms us.

It is impossible for a man to remain without sleep. In most cases the person sleeps for 1 hour and he doesnt know about it.

He says he dont sleep for 8 hours. However he slept for 1 hour in night.

That 1 hour is enough for you.

Change your focus
Your body knows better than you
You slept for 2 hours

When we dont worry about our problems… like this one… the problem goes away because it is not a problem in the first place.

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Really brother?? I am going through Flatline and its really testing me?? Believe me nothing is working and also i am not able to do anything.


Yes !
Hard times will come for sure! You will have to get out of this,
Though i havent faced one , i just told him as a friend


Flatline is melting of Ego.
As long as there is Ego… there is no God.

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You are healing.
Start the celebrations. :fireworks:


Oo… However thanks Brother :grinning::grinning:


Brother do you have experience of Flatline…
If yes, what you have done in that hard time??

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Today i came out of a flatline which was 3 days long.

I live it to God.
I am just a drop in this vast ocean.

I cant do anything without the ocean.
As long as there is something to do… or escape… there is no healing.

Bow down and accept your defeat.
It will be hard for the ego but this is only way to move further.

In my highest streak of 65 days.
I had flatline from day 30 to 65.

My ego got me desyroyed at 65 because i was fighting.

Brother what you are saying is totally correct… I even sometime says to Divine Mother that all belongs to you… My win my loose my battle all…

Yeah, for sure i am not following it properly…

But i was asking about any activity that lead to release of dopamine as well as good for myself as well as my future.

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Physical excercise till you sweat is very good for dopamine.

Spending time with loved ones like your mother… family etc.

Eating your favourite food.

Playing some games…

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Thanks Brother
Becouse i badly need it… I can say that there is no focus in my life, i am not able to do even those things that are good for me and i really love to do…

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You can do anything.
You have the power of Free Will.

If you feel social anxiety… do workout at home. We cant live everything to god.

In Geeta… Krishna has said… Do your Karm… without expecting Results.


Ekdum sahi! I like all the sayings from geeta, and this one is my favorite!