Brain trying to get that dopamine

What do you know about the brain trying to release dopamine? Is this why those sexual thoughts come into mind unintended? Is this harmful? I’m waking up from a sex dream with dopamine tentsion(headache like)


Watch this dopamine detox video. It’ll help you to track down your domapine and control the amount of its stimulation and secretion.


This is Brilliant, made me think about how I run my routine and how I could Change it!

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Yes brother… our brain get used to of dopamine and when we do not relapse then it craves badly to get it and try to find some alternatives(if you do not relpase) to get that dopamine like craving for some junk food(some times spicy and some times sweet dish… it happens with me), watching some movie or web series etc.

But the truth is nothing can replace that dopamine level and you have to struggle with it until your brain get used of the new routine.(rewire)

BDW… These s** dreams are part of urges and these are becoz of wathing p*rn videos… it will take time to fade away those videos and scenes from your sub conscious mind.

All you have to do…just don’t give up… no matter what happens with you. STAY STRONG brother :muscle::muscle: