Brahmcharya is the modern day NOFAP!

Guys, just now I realised our hindu mythology has very powerful context of messages. Man they are so Powerful that when you understand them, you will be able to connect dots. It’s way ahead of time. The importance of Nofap which is none other than evolution from brahmacharya. In brahmacharya it’s complete obstinacy from women itself, during the period of mythological ages people didn’t have porn, instead it was in the form of many women pleasing one man - the king. Kings had access to this type of feature of having more women which is the modern day porn but virtually. The common people those days had only their wives ( more than one ) indicating even though they don’t waste seed much, still they do it with real women and it leads to direct birth that’s it, since they didn’t have contraceptives which made them stay in control.
But now coming to the brahmacharya, the Nofap guys of ancient time, they were either potrait as God or a powerful guy with higher wisdom, handsome and even mentally endure. Hanuman is a brahmachari, he is the most powerful, clever, smart and detriment.
So since that age, we have been preached to not waste the seed.
Atleast we can have women but not porn that’s the takeaway


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