‘Boys Are Stupid; Girls Are Awesome’ – Most TV Shows & Movies

I cannot find a single comedy genre these days without dumb dads, bumbling men and super intelligent women to save them in it. I watched Game Night (2018) today and it’s full of these types of men.


That’s just feminism shitting in all we know and love once again. Imagine if it was the other way around, what you think the SJW audience would say about the show?


I wonder what they are trying to achieve by showing these things on tv and movies. I don’t even remotely connect with anything where men are presented as dumbfuck retards and women are just smartass shit. Seriously, dumb and smart people exist everywhere, any country, race and gender. Why do they have to put men down all the time? This is shit.


I thought a lot about this post almost 15 sec. Now days feminism & anti-feminism is a crap. It doesnt matter which gender you support because it change nothing. There are women also getting successful & men too. There are male losers too & female losers too. Its individualism how the world works now days. Showing off women are better men are better is completely horseshit. All our goal is to make world better place for everyone to lead a happy life.


It’s pretty interesting! I hadn’t noticed that so much as a thing before but this ‘all conquering female’ is a common trend in a lot of shows and movies.

It doesn’t really bother me outright as men are still expected massively to be workers and provide and be charismatic and muscular. I think all of these societal expectations far outweigh any influence to be like Homer for example, that is how I experience it.

But what does strike me as interesting is how this all conquering female is defined by her competence compared to men. It is an understandable part of the process of women reclaiming their submissive status in society however, the instinct of media to show that women are now equal to men instead of below them is to have the woman show her competency compared to men. This reassures people that women can be much greater than men.

It is a poor way to show this however as it does not encourage womens independent strength as they need. It instead encourages womens ability when used over men. This continues to make womens ability dependent on men ironically as they must have dominance over them to be shown to be ‘strong’. Whereas men are not dependant on asserting dominance over women to show their ability

So, to sum, it is reinforcing an idea to women that they must be better than men to be valid, as opposed to just being brilliant without needing to make a man look stupid.


I thought that it would be obvious from the start.

The reason this type of comedy exists is because this this is how women view men.

Remember when Sharon Osbourne was laughing at a man whose penis got cut off of the talk show the View? This is innate on the part of women.

Case in point, women view men as tools. Dads are seen as losers because - when a man marries- he signs his rights away to the government, and women don’t view his utility as something to be praised, but a foolish act which she now has the power to exploit. Alimony, child support, property division, the list goes on.

Women don’t value men as people. They don’t respect a man who shows weakness or emotion, and they don’t appreciate male sacrifice, but they feel entitled to it:

The more men start to realize how women view them, and how the modern society around us can be used to destroy a man, and the more men refuse to play into such a system, the better off we will all be.

I’m never getting married, and women have the power to destroy your life based on 1 accusation. Look up mattress girl if you don’t believe me.
Men need to give their own lives value, and to stop acting like pick up artists and chasing validation through women. Women will never view us as valuable beyond what we can do for them.

That’s just my view; I’m not dictating my view to anyone, of course.

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